Port of Vancouver CLOSES as BC Flooding Damages Rail & Roads – Grains Leaving Canada Are Not.

4% of the Worlds Wheat Has Stopped Moving Into The Supply Chain.

Canada’s largest port by far, the port of Vancouver, has closed, as have the rails and highways connecting it to Canada, after being severely damaged in the flooding in an “atmospheric river” event. The deep water port is responsible for 1/3 of Canadian imports and exports, meaning the grains that the world so badly needs from Canada are not able to get out. And the overflow of goods from other congested North American ports are now wholly unable to get in. Christian explains why this is not just a local catastrophe, but a worldwide one, in this Ice Age Farmer report.

Great video Christian. Thank you for this coverage, I’m in southern BC and yes the devastation is real. My friends and families have been evacuated or have had their basements flood. School districts are closed, it’s absolute insanity. Im So grateful you covered it & explained how this will impact the rest of the country and world, because I havent heard that on our media yet, though I don’t watch much msm either ;). But in the okanagan region, like you showed, it’s been panic buying insanity. No meat, dairy, produce. And I have to say, I started stocking up when you did your video on soy shortages earlier in the year and so I didn’t really needed anything critical but I did go buy a few extras (not hoarding. Just 1 4L milk, another bag of flour, couple bags of pasta etc). So THANK YOU Christian for your videos all those months ago, it has my family in a blessed spot right now.

Start buying from local growers for your supplies. There are more places that deliver milk than you might think and they also offer many local products. Or buy from a store you know is locally owned. I’m in Boise and have bought groceries from Albertson’s for years (a family store that first opened in Boise in 1939) and only found out recently that they were bought out by a large Corp on the east coast over 10 years ago! I now shop at the Boise Co-op grocery store. Local growers won’t “shut down” on you and boycotting the international Blackrock corps is very important. And just FYI, eating local foods that grow in the same environment as you live in is especially healthy for you. They carry the same “good bugs” and resistances that your own body has/needs


Flood damage cuts all rail access to Canada’s largest port of Vancouver

Two days of torrential rain in British Columbia triggered major flooding and shut rail routes operated by Canadian Pacific Rail and Canadian National Railway, by far the country’s two biggest rail companies.

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MERRITT — The port of Vancouver, Canada’s largest, said on Tuesday that all rail access had been cut by floods and landslides further to the east, a development that could hit shipments of grain, coal and potash.

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