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FARMERS FIGHT BACK: French, Croatians Protest Seed Law & Take Over of Food

Are Seeds going to be illegal? Why are Governments Tracking ALL foods?

The Communist Agenda Unfolds Over Food Production
The Communist Agenda Unfolds Over Food Production

3 draconian laws coming to all ways we harvest food which will be used against us so the Big Tech can take over all food production. In Croatia in 1945 the food production recorded then took over all food production, are we facing the same fate?

In British Columbia there are NEW bylaws to regulate all livestock in 2021. Are the Communists doing the same thing world wide?

The production and use of seeds might become against the law and this will takeaway varieties of food and we will loose biodiversity. This will leave us open to climate catastrophes. We need to fight for our rights to farm and to grow our own food. Not only will this raise the price of food but it will stop us for growing healthier foods than that of large agricultural foods.

Croatia to use drones to monitor fishing, these drones are being operated by the Army. Think about the ramifications of the Military monitoring your food. This is truly a SHTF moment in history and we must realize and stop our governments from doing this. They do not have our best interests in mind.

Protesting French farmers roll out up to 1,000 tractors in Paris


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