Alison McDowell: The Technocratic Takeover Decoded – Ice Age Farmer Broadcast

Is There a Caste System Being Put Into Place Today. This goes well beyond a Communist Political Agenda.

There is a war on for the land and the food that will be distributed. Will they outlaw real meat? Will we be forced into containers to live because we are a carbon throwing virus spreading human to the elites?


In this stunning Ice Age Farmer broadcast, Christian is joined by Alison McDowell, a mother and researcher studying the World Economic Forum’s “4th Industrial Revolution”: the global takeover of industries and public policies by central banks, multinational corporations, big tech technocrats, and billionaire-funded foundations. Alison is uniquely capable of distilling the agendas at play, the actors involved, and the language they use into real-world terms. Today we do exactly that: digital twinning, human capital bonds, impact investing — these are terms we must understand to appreciate the world the technocrats are constructing, and how digital systems are being constructed using blockchain and AI that will surveil and control everything from your food, your health, your children, and our future. Alison McDowell: on Youtube:… on Twitter: Some of Alison’s mind maps illustrating connections:………… FULL SHOW NOTES:… SUBSCRIBE on bitchute: On Odysee: On TELEGRAM:

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