Compassionate Doctor Brutally Beaten in BC Courtroom 

Dr Daniel Nagase Speaks Out Against Justin Trudeau. This is the most important Speech of This Time.








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Canada Corp Governance Akin to WWII – Compassionate Doctor Brutally Beaten in BC Courtroom 

Vancouver, BC, February 14, 2022 – On November 16, Drs Bruchet and Nagase drew attention to a  revelatory report of 13 stillborn deaths, occurring in a single 24-hour period in a BC Hospital, to fully  vaccinated mothers. The doctors launched an official complaint with the RCMP against Dr Bonnie Henry,  Adrian Dix and executives at the College of Physicians & Surgeons of BC, alleging conflicts of interest  influencing their policies, decisions and statements made to the people of British Columbia. Dr. Nagase  stated, “I have suspicions that the policies being enacted upon the citizens of B.C. are motivated not in the  interests of public health, but are rather motivated by financial interests. We need to request the RCMP to  conduct a forensic investigation into discovering whether or not there are conflicts of interest affecting  our Health officer, causing her to institute policies that are harmful to British Columbians.” 

Late evening on December 8, 2021, three RCMP cruisers arrived at the home of Dr. Mel Bruchet, a  prominent member of a Sovereign Doctor’s Board, forcibly handcuffed and arrested him on ambiguous  charges, took him into custody and placed him in Lyon’s Gate, Hope Centre, to be held and detained  against his will over 25 days. He was forcibly administered ‘Loxapine’, an antipsychotic drug that warns of a “high mortality rate” when taken by seniors. Dr Bruchet and suffered a number of mini-strokes as a  result.1 

February 2nd, Dr Negase, his Counsel, Peoples of the Salmon (PotS) Headsman, Popois and an Assistant  went to the North Vancouver Courthouse, to file aggravated assault charges against the psychiatric Centre  staff, who knowingly forced a medication on Dr Bruchet that can cause strokes, heart attacks and death. Under Sovereign Common Law, they did not rise, as Judge Joanne Challenger entered the Court, so as not  to be ruled under judicial law. She left with the Sheriff and returned a second time, and when they did not  rise, following a lecture about Canada being “the most lawful nation in the world.” the Judge exited and  the Sheriff ordered Dr Nagase to leave the Court. When the doctor questioned him when the “order” was  made, he brutally grabbed the doctor’s hands, dragged him from his seat, knocked off his glasses and threw him to the floor in front of the bench. Four more Sheriffs entered the court, one kneed Dr Nagase  in the back and damaged his kidney and one knee, while another put him in a choke hold that almost  rendered him unconscious. When his Counsel shouted to “leave him alone”, two other Sheriffs dragged  Popois out of the Courtroom, threw him on the ground and forcefully handcuffed him. The two men were  kept in solitary confinement for 3 hours, searched without warrant and then released without charge. 

Pfizer and Bill Gates have funded billions in bribes to Corporation of Canada governments2, media and  health care practitioners for decades, to ensure support for the Trillions they receive from the imposition  of their addictive chemical drugs and vaccines, of which they have had no liability since the 1986 Act! The  attitudes and actions of those who accepted these bribes, who are elected under the edict of the 

  1. imprisoned-for-warning-us/
  3. Words with [brackets] in Common Law alters the word from a negative to a positive 

Hippocratic Oath “Do no Harm” and employed to serve and protect ‘We the People’, are now corrupt,  tyrannical, criminal and the antithesis of what we were born into this Heavenly Earth to experience. What  dark and fearful spell has cast a shadow on the minds and hearts of humankind?  

The Truckers, who provide a service to bring food and supplies that sustain us to our doorsteps have taken  courage and a great stand for our Sovereign freedoms, rights, for the love of life and humankind. On  December 11, in a powerful revelatory speech to these brave and loving spirits, Dr Nagase stated, “In each  and every one of you, I see the fire of heart, the justice of the soul, the reverence of Creation in whose  honour we live and breathe. A life well lived is not measured by fortunes and worldly existence. It is  measured by deeds done, momentous acts of courage and the knowledge we use each and every day …  under the guidance of our God given souls for the service of excellence. For as Plato said long ago, ‘Justice  is excellence of the soul.’ We are justice. We are founders of a new Nation. We stand for Freedom!” 

Dr Nagase has united with the PotS in their valiant cause to break the shackles of the corrupt Corporation of Canada, to guide all peoples who walk on the “sacred lands” aka ‘Kanatan’ and desire a restoration of  their God given Sovran Freedoms and Rights. Popois stated, “We all need to walk off this ‘corporate ship  

of [ad]miralty3, and claim back our security of our PERSON, which was stolen from us with the birth  certificate. When you join the Peoples of the Salmon, we will make sure that you are the secured party of  your property, no longer a fetus on a mother-ship. You then reclaim your Sovereign Spirit. When we walk  in unity, we will take us all out of the corporation… We all have a common goal to be free, to be sovereign,  with our Common Law de jure government.” 

A declaration/petition was created by the PotS to present a vote of non-confidence in the Canadian  government, and end the tyranny imposed on all who desire truth, a fruitful life and peace on Earth. To  join the Peoples of the Salmon in their Mission and sign the declaration/petition visit: For more information visit or contact 

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