A B.C. man shares experience with a vaccine-linked blood clot

Astra Zeneca is under scrutiny again. Why Are People Lining Up To get Sick?

Astra Zeneca Blood Clots in Canada
Astra Zeneca Blood Clots in Canada

Astra Zeneca Banned in 22 Countries then let into Canada

They don’t have to worry. The manufacturers have liability protection. If your employer is forcing you to get the Jab make sure they sign a contract explaining they are liable for any adverse effects, as there are many and this is just the beginning.

This is all new territory….by definition then there are no “experts” only educated guesses. Please drop the narritive and be honest….you cant possibly know what you are talking about so dont pretend.

Lord have mercy! These are crimes against humanity!

1 and 1 million then 1 and 100,000 and now 1 and 55,000 lmao.

This is what happens when you inject experimental trash in your body

What is the personal income of these medical propagandists in 2019 vs 2020?

Utterly inept double-talking idiots. Even propagandists had better presentation than this. They simply have no clue what they’re doing, yet working so hard and trying to convince themselves otherwise

These vacs are experimental and for emergency use only. The FDA announced just a few days ago that they are dangerous and will never be approved.

What do you think?

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