“Of course it’s not about masks” | Mocha Bezirgan on Montreal protest arrests

The government has declared war on its citizens.. This is only About Control

Montreal Police Brutality
Montreal Police Brutality

The Canadian government is the most corrupt in the world. Our country has literally gone down hill at a unprecedented rate. This is honestly worse then anything in history… it will come out later just how bad this was just like ww2 when nobody knew what was happening or understood until after.

This is happening throughout the western world cops are making an example out of people just because they can meanwhile serious crime is being ignored in favour of thoughtcrimes.

This is too depressing to watch. And people believe that the Government loves us.

Thank you Mocha, Ezra, Effron, Lincoln, Keenan, David and EVERY SINGLE PERSON at Rebel for all you do!! Canada loves you, Canadians need you. Much respect!!!

Mocha gives me hope for the younger generation. In fact in my day, Mocha is as tuff as they come. Mocha, & his young co workers could be my son. Yes, I have donated to my boys 💪

Is China using a proxy service to implement their ways in Canada because I don’t see any difference. This is obscene, abusive, and absurd and is NOT PROTECTIVE!!!

The mask is a visual symbol of submission!

Rebel has the best journalists in the world. Trudy is doimg everything in his power to shut the truth down. Trudy is now on bended knee beggimg the Biden illegitimate administration to help put an end to Rebel media. I sold my soul to Rebel 7 years ago, & I have never felt better, knowing the truth eases the mind. Thank you so much for your courageous work, especially the people who donated. God bless you all 💪

This Tyranny is a TOTAL outrage!!!…why are more people not upset about this?!!!

They are killing the soul of Canada under the guise of public safety yet who is safe from the police. The police now should be charged with breaking the peace and mischief and un-orderly conduct!
Health Canada has issued a warning about blue and gray disposable face masks, which contain an asbestos-like substance associated with “early pulmonary toxicity.”
We know this police are compromised we are following them around and documenting their crimes and we will have more tribunals soon the entire world is documenting we are not alone
My admiration for Rebel News and this young reporter, Mocha, just continues to grow daily. They are fighting for our freedom. Yes, these police need to be sued. Their overreach of the law is criminal, they are acting just like the leaders of this country. Donate to, Fight the Fines, people, it’s for our freedom
They don’t want people to see there tyranny. Canada is under attack by its own government as most of the world.

What do you think?

Written by Colin

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