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What is Vaccine ? Why Are We Calling An mRNA Gene Therapy a “Vaccine”? To Get You To Use It.

This is a plot out of a James Bond Movie. And the general pubic was for an experiment on all of the World at once. All to keep you safe. Disgraceful.

Dr Peter Doshi From BMJ Asking What Is A Vaccine
Dr Peter Doshi From BMJ Asking What Is A Vaccine
You have been asked by your Evil governments to be put under an experimental “vaccine” all in the name of keeping you “safe”. And you are going along with it under your own selfish behaviour because you want to be kept safe. For the past 20 months you have listened to the silliest of requests from your government, all while dismissing logic, common since, and facts and figures. You have let the Marxist State Media literally brainwash you into compliance and giving up your rights and freedoms. Shameful, you want to be kept safe so you jeopardize the children right to self expression, the freedoms to move, all to keep you “SAFE”. Disgraceful. Now go out and ask a few questions today, take an hour out of your life to listen to and look at the Facts and figures. just because you are so lazy to actually look into what is being told to you as absolute truth, you will find you are at fast for killing hundreds of thousands and injuring billions from “vaccine” injuries and economic meltdown closing small businesses and dreams. Your disgraceful attitude has left vulnerable people with disabilities unable to participate in “your society” you who have been pushing for this Make Us That Look At The Facts And Figure SICK.

What do you think?

Written by Shaon

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