Urgent investigation into AstraZeneca vaccine after Melbourne man develops blood clots

The 44-year-old presented to Box Hill hospital with a fever and abdominal pain 10 days after vaccination

Astra Zeneca Experiment is Going Horribly Wrong
Atra Zeneca Experiment is Going Horribly Wrong

Australia’s medical regulator is investigating after a Melbourne man developed blood clots days after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine. The 44-year-old presented to Box Hill hospital with a fever and abdominal pain 10 days after vaccination. He was found to have clots and a very low platelet count – similar symptoms to a condition reported in patients overseas. An urgent meeting will take place this morning to determine whether there is a link between his condition and the jab.

ALL OF THESE ARE EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES. Dont take them covid is a bad flue cured by Ivermectin in most cases. This sis sick.

It is time to hold the political parasites accountable for this crime against humanity.

What could go wrong… rushed release of insufficiently tested medication by major pharmaceutical companies.

When they says its under investigation that means the cover up already started

Remember when #PopulationControl was a conspiracy? Now, it’s starting to look more and more like reality.

If it was a covid case it would be lockdown.

I thought they were saying that only weak and elderly people were at risk of dying from covid. So the 44 year old guy who got his blood clotted had zero risk from dying from covid.

This is the kind of stuff that happened in Lab Rats while they’re doing testing on a new product. Y’all have now become Lab Rats.

You can’t call something a rare side effect when this whole thing is STILL experimental, how can you possibly have enough data to make that claim?

They already knew this. It had been happening overseas and the Australian government denied it and went ahead anyway. Treasonous.
I’m prepared to die fighting for my right to make my own medical decisions. Anyone trying to take that from me, best be prepared to die in their attempt.
The side effects are worth not dying of something with a 99.7% recovery rate. 😆😆
My Aunt DIED of BLOOD CLOTS on the Brain Just 15 Days after Vax.⚠️⚠️⚠️ Her funeral last Friday. No to Vax 🚫🚫 🚫
Spontaneous miscarriages are expected to occur along with the possible, if not probable likelihood that future pregnancy will not be possible in subjects who suffer from these types of incidents.

What do you think?

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