Dr Naseeba Kathrada weighs in on the fight for the use of Ivermectin

The High Court in Pretoria will only rule on the Ivermectin

The High Court in Pretoria will only rule on the Ivermectin case this afternoon after Judge Cassim Sardiwalla indicated he wants to see all the parties his chambers.. AfriForum and the medical doctors submitted a draft order to court but it hasn’t been made an order of court yet. Now let’s discuss this further we are joined via Zoom by COVID Home Management Team founder Dr Naseeba Kathrada.

We don’t need clinical trials, it works period. Not enough money for big pharma that’s why they don’t want to approve it!

I’m from England and have been hearing about ivermectin for quite a few months now why are governments around the world not trying this drug when it’s been around for decades and is safe what’s their agenda.

It is a 1970s medicine and mostly used by children here in the Philippines because we then got worms by playing outside the house.

Dr Kathadra please don’t give up your fight. There are many problems with getting governments to stop projecting negative attitudes because ivermectin doese work and is safe. They keep on using the excuse that there is not enough data.

What do you think?

Written by Colin

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