Storing Fuel for Preppers – What Kinds Of Fuel Can You Use for Long Term Storage

If The SHTF Moment Comes What Are You Going To Do For Power?

Fuel Storage For SHTF
Fuel Storage For SHTF

In todays video we provide a comprehensive guide to the various types of fuels available to survivalists and preppers. We discuss everything from pros and cons of each fuel source to the storage requirements, shelf life and special considerations. Propane, gasoline, kerosense, diesel, paraffin, isobutane, alcohol, methanol gel, white gas, natural gas, wood, charcoal, renewables, and much more!

I was in Fort McMurray AB in 2016 and was evacuated at the last minute (like everyone else in the city). Luckily I had enough fuel in my vehicle to get me to Athabasca. Hundreds of others did not, and were stranded on the side of the highway for a day or more. It is amazing how quickly a localized fuel shortage can happen!

I am storing 250 gallons of diesel for use in my two tractors. I would hope to make it last 5-7 years in a SHTF scenario. I am also storing 500 gallons of propane (15 years) and 75 gallons of gasoline that might last 1-2 years.

A handy fuel thats free that nature provides is from trees pine pitch. Gathering it up and storing it with your fire kit is a good plan . golf ball size pitch ball burning in a tin can can save your ass on a cold night , if your tenting it or just laying on our Sacred Mother Earth for a night. Always remember home is where you lay your head.

FYI – I recently came across another cool fuel source that you didn’t mention. There is a guy on YouTube that has a small commercially built biogas bladder that collects methane from a composting pile. He was using this methane gas to cook and for heating or some other purpose. I thought that was a great idea. It is definitely a product worth checking out.

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