There are a lot of suspicious listings on Etsy that have people wondering if child porn or children are for sale for sex on the e-commerce site. For example, there is a “picture of a pizza” listed for sale for $9,000 and the listing reads “delivery instant download.” In that photo, there is also a cell phone strategically placed in the pizza box. (See below along with other suspicious listings.) It’s been well-established that pizza is a pedophile code — via the FBI, DOJ, other law enforcement documents and mainstream media articles such as the Wall Street Journal report from earlier this year — which makes these listings extra alarming. Also, authorities have been able to bust many pedophiles because they used pizza as a pedophile code in an attempt to arrange to rape a child or to exchange child porn. Earlier this year, Eric Carnell, who is the British designer behind Abprallen, the LGBTQ brand that sells Satanic-themed T-shirts, sweaters, bags and badges, announced on his Instagram page that Target removed all his products. However, Etsy still allowed him to have a store where he sold products that have statements like “Satan Respects Pronouns”. Unfortunately, I have seen many suspicious listings like this on multiple e-commerce sites. Since President Trump’s Department of Justice took down Backpage, the child sex traffickers and pedophiles had to relocate their online businesses somewhere. So keep that in mind! Also, Biden’s administration — which we know for a fact is knowingly running state-sponsored child sex trafficking thanks to brave hero whistleblowers like

— claims that companies selling high-priced items online are not selling children. Biden’s State Department released this statement in their Trafficking in Persons report in 2021: “Rumors and theories that a global cabal of politicians and celebrities are exploiting children, that companies selling furniture or other high-priced items online are also selling missing children…are all unfounded and perpetuate false narratives about the realities of human trafficking.” The fact that the Trafficker-in-Chief’s State Department claims this isn’t happening as he’s running state-sponsored child trafficking, leads me to believe they know there is child trafficking taking place online. They’re attempting to gaslight the public and discourage them from doing a citizen investigation into red flags like the ones here on Etsy. On a personal note, my store was banned from Etsy years ago, and they would not even allow me to sell “Child Lives Matter” merchandise on their site. Hey

— I would like an explanation for these suspicious posts, and I still would like an explanation for why I’m not allowed to sell “Child Lives Matter” products while you approve products that promote Satan! Please follow

— she’s doing fantastic work exposing a lot of the suspicious activity on these e-commerce sites.

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