Military Data Confirms 300% Increase In Miscarriages

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We know that any substance consumed by pregnant women can be deadly to the baby. Big pharma ads don’t let us forget it, nor do the thousands of mothers working tirelessly in social media groups to inform each other about the things that can kill their kids.

When it comes to Dr. Fauci’s unholy clot shot, even the New York Times has admitted that vaccinated women are experiencing a chaotic menstrual cycle, and post-menopausal women have even started their periods again.

On Wednesday, a lion in the arena of public safety and research, Steve Kirsch, joined the Stew Peters Show to share what else is being impacted by the highly powerful bioweapon drug being shoved into the arms of deluded.

“Miscarriages among vaccinated women are three point four times the baseline rate from beforehand,” Stew Peters said Wednesday. “Project that rate out for the entire population of child-bearing women, and the figure is horrifying.”

Mr. Kirsch believes the number of spontaneous abortions and miscarriages may exceed 400,000. And this is based on data from the DOD and underreporting rates in VAERS.

“The only thing that could cause something that huge would be something like the vaccine, so it’s the only possible mechanism,” Kirsch told Stew. “I don’t doubt the numbers at all.”

“Its an infertility tool and Its a baby killer, no wonder the abortion worshipping progressives love the vaxx so much,” Stew Peters said Wednesday. “This is a wet dream for these people.”

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