Pilots At Risk, Flying Public In Imminent Danger

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Commercial pilots are being forced into wearing masks at all times. Without enough oxygen getting into their bloodstream, this poses a serious medical threat not only to the pilot, but to every single passenger onboard.

Bahig Soliba has been standing up for this fact, and refusing to wear a mask. This has resulted in thousands upon thousands of dollars in fines.

On Thursday, Soliba joined the Stew Peters Show to share his thoughts on this catastrophe in waiting.

“It is my opinion that having a mask on restricts the amount of oxygen that a pilot has in their blood system. As such, it impairs their functionality,” Bahig Soliba told Stew Peters. “Pilots have a pilot’s certificate, and they have a medical certificate, and a pilot’s certificate without a medical certificate is just an ornament. It means nothing.”

Hypoxia is a big issue here. You can’t always see it, but it can cause pilots to black out, maybe even at the controls. Any kind of oxygen restriction could even result in blood clots!

“Clots are obviously a very dangerous thing that can immediately and without notice incapacitate somebody, maybe on a final approach just a couple of hundred feet above a runway,” Stew told Bahig.

Bahig also said that if he ever stops resisting this mandate, and does not defend his own health and safety, he will be violating federal regulations. The regulation in question (FAR 61.53), was even printed on his T-shirt during the interview, and you can read it for yourself here.

Stew said that the flying public needs to be aware of this, and to notify pilots if you see them wearing a mask on the job.

“Just remind them of FAR 61.53 and let’em know that they are in violation of that… and that they need to be in compliance, and they need to take the mask off,” Stew Peters said Thursday.

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