Katie Ashby-Koppens: The Australian Case vs Pfizer & Moderna in Federal Court

Katie Ashby-Koppens The Australian Case vs Pfizer & Moderna in Federal Court

World Council for Health hosted an emergency hearing on 27 November 2023 featuring Katie Ashby-Koppens and seven other leading experts to address the legal implications of DNA contamination in Covid-19 mRNA vaccines.

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David vs Goliath: A Lawsuit Against Pfizer & Moderna

In Australia, Katie Ashby-Koppens is working on a case directly related the discovery of DNA contamination of the mRNA shots. The plaintiff intends suing Pfizer and Moderna in Federal Court and is seeking an injunction to stop them dealing with the products because they contain, or are, GMOs. The manufacturers also failed to apply for the appropriate licence to deal with GMOs in Australia.

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The requirements of a criminal offence are outlined in Section 32 of the Gene Technology Act 2000

Katie illustrated how definitions in the Gene Technology Act 2000 allowed her to formulate the main arguments of the case, namely that the lipid nanoparticle (LNP)-mRNA complex is an organism capable of transferring genetic material through the process of retro-position, and that the recently discovered LNP-DNA complex is an organism capable of transferring genetic material in multiple ways.

Fortuitously, in a recent Senate hearing, the Gene Technology Regulator made a statement confirming that gene technology was used in the modification of the mRNA, thus the LNP complexes satisfy the definition of a GMO.

Pfizer and Moderna are therefore ‘dealing with GMOs’ and, according to the Gene Technology Act, they are required to apply for a licence. This was not done, and according to the Act this is a criminal offence. A criminal brief was, however, declined.

To find out more about progress with the current case, see regular updates on their Give Send Go GMO page.

About Katie Ashby-Koppens

  • Katie Ashby-Koppens is a civil litigator with over 20 years’ experience on both sides of the Tasman in Australia and New Zealand. Katie’s skill set is running large actions.
  • Since being in Australia, Katie has been involved with some of the largest class actions relating to 2009 Black Saturday Bush Fires and the Hepatitis C Class Action.
  • In the last year, Katie has been the instructing solicitor on the appeal of the AVN case and has been running similar actions in New Zealand, including cases for the midwives and against the pharma regulator for granting provisional consent for the 5-11 year old Pfizer Comirnaty.
  • More recently, Katie’s filed an injunction application against Pfizer and Moderna alleging their Covid-19 products satisfy the definition of genetically modified organisms.
  • Katie is also head of legal for New Zealand advocacy groups, Voices For Freedom and was the lead case manager for The ‘Hood.

This is an edited segment from the emergency hearing hosted by WCH on 27 November 2023 with Willem van AardtKatie Ashby-KoppensJulian Gillespie, Wendy Low, Sue Grey, Peter Fam, and Fahrie Hassan

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