750 Pounds of Dried Foods Per Person Per Year Is Reality for SHTF Situation

Forget Hunting & Fishing for SHTF | Bear Independent

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Survival Dispatch Prepper food after SHTF

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Bear with Bear Independent discusses the reality of hunting and fishing when SHTF. In this video, he explains why he believes that hunting and fishing is not a viable option in today’s world for the long term. Bear recommends stocking up on dry food like corn, rice, wheat, and beans (750lbs per person/year = 3,277 calories/day), planting a small garden, and raising small livestock. In addition, he provides many other useful tips you’ll want to know. Tune in now to learn more!

My elders always told stories of how in the Great Depression people that could hunt and fish did that and nearly made all the game animals and fish extinct in a just a couple of years. It took a few decades for things to recover. So long term this might be an even harder no as the resources just can’t keep up with the demand.

Look up the “Ruth Stout” method of potato planting. Produces an abundant crop of potatoes, with very little work (no tilling/digging). It’s pretty awesome. Also look up “Walpini garden” method (can grow seasonal crops like lettuce, during colder months). And aquaponic gardening

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