Mexican Comedian Makes Fauci Wish He Never Had This Interview

Fauci Admits this is an Experiment.

Anthony Fauci admitted in a recent podcast with actor Eugenio Derbez that the Covid-19 vaccine is experimental and being tested on the public.
DERBEZ: “Okay, so — I asked if it was approved by the FDA, but I think that it’s a different thing that — an emergency use authorization than an approval. So what is the difference between an emergency use authorization and an official approval by the FDA?”

FAUCI: “Yes, that’s a very good question. So, an emergency use authorization is based on the criteria if the benefit clearly outweighs the risk, and that you get a good degree of efficacy and safety. The full licensure is when you follow it for a longer period of time and you get more information and data. I have no doubt, given how very, very efficacious all three of these are, that they will ultimately get the full authorization in the sense of what’s called a biological license approval. But an emergency use authorization is really quite of an important step in the direction of getting it the official approval.”

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Written by Colin

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