Why Would Bill Gates & The World Economic Forum Be So Interested in CRISPR Technology ? 👀 Prepare To Be Shocked…

Why Would Bill Gates & The World Economic Forum Be So Interested in CRISPR Technology ? 👀 Prepare To Be Shocked…
Why Would Bill Gates & The World Economic Forum Be So Interested in CRISPR Technology ? 👀 Prepare To Be Shocked…

Let me introduce you to Jennifer Doudna. Doudna is an American biochemist who has done pioneering work in CRISPR gene editing, and made other fundamental contributions in biochemistry and genetics. She received the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, with Emmanuelle Charpentier, “for the development of a method for genome editing”

Doudna also happens to be in the World Economic Forum.

Some of you will be familiar with CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) whilst for others it will be entirely new. What I can guarantee is that you will see things in a whole new light once you understand the power of CRISPR. The question you have to ask yourself, is Doudna another female Bond villain or is she just another “useful idiot” with ties to the WEF.

The best person to explain CRISPR is Doudna. I have transcribed the short 45 second video below.

“Many scientists believe that genetic engineering is the future of our evolution. It provides us with a chance to give ourselves any traits we want, such as muscle mass or eye colour. Basically, anything is possible that CRISPR technology can be used for things like enhancement.

“Imagine that we could try to engineer humans that have enhanced properties such as stronger bones or less susceptibility to cardiovascular disease, or even to have properties that we would consider maybe to be desirable like different eye colour or to be taller, things like that. Designer humans, if you will, Geo-engineered humans are not with us yet. But this is no longer science fiction”

Pretty damn scary if you ask me. When you hear somebody talking about designer humans and the fact that geo-engineered humans are not with us yet, then you can pretty sure that it is already here. She is right though when she says it is no longer science fiction. Human cloning is here and probably has been for years.

If you want a more scientific explanation to understand CRISPR and how DNA is connected to RNA then just by chance she explained it to an audience in Davos at the WEF in 2018. The WEF of all places. Fancy that.

It’s a short 5 minute video and worth watching.

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that the inventor of CRISPR’s last 3 initials in her surname are DNA 😉. It’s probably also just a coincidence that a man by the name of Bill Gates is also very, very interested in this technology.

Of course Gates is promoting it in a positive light. He even made a video for YouTube called

How CRISPR could save lives and end diseases

The video has been viewed 150,000 times with 7.2k likes and not one dislike. The comments are also turned off.

You aren’t permitted to not like Bill’s material.

In a post that Gates made on his own site in 2021 he mentions a book about Doudna called “The Code Breaker” Jennifer Doudna and the Future Of the Human Race.

I haven’t read the book but when a title includes “The Future Of The Human Race” we should be asking questions about the technology.

In the article Gates says

“The CRISPR system makes it much easier for scientists to alter human and other genomes in beneficial ways, such as repairing gene mutations that cause awful diseases like cystic fibrosis”

He then continues

“Researchers have done a remarkable job of honing the CRISPR system for medical and agricultural applications, and my excitement about CRISPR has grown from super high to off the charts. CRISPR has fundamentally changed my thinking about what’s possible for improving the health and nutrition of families in poor countries—and how quickly”

Gates sees CRISPR being used everywhere. He says in the same article

“The foundation is investing in many other projects that use the CRISPR system, such as:

  • plant varieties that can withstand the effects of climate change
  • a new suite of tools called programmable medical therapies, which could greatly speed up the development of treatments for new viruses and head off future pandemics
  • quick, inexpensive ways of diagnosing diseases in poor countries
  • monoclonal antibodies that could target and kill the pathogens that cause malaria and AIDS”

Always “Bill the Benevolent”. The philanthropist that is doing so much good 🙄

Gates has poured millions into CRISPR. Back in 2015 on the Forbes web site they published an article called

Bill Gates And 13 Other Investors Pour $120 Million Into Revolutionary Gene-Editing Startup

That company was called Editas Medicine and was named a 2015 technology pioneer by the World Economic Forum. It looks like the WEF hold CRISPR in high regard as well.

Gates has also donated to Edge Animal Health, CRISPR Therapeutics and numerous universities who research it.


Edge Animal Health was set up for the development of improved livestock vaccines using CRISPR. Their web site has still to go live.

CRISPR Therapeutics is to explore new capabilities for in vivo targeted durable suppression of HIV.

Gates also invested 3.6 million dollars in a company called Acceligen in the area of agricultural development.

Earlier this year in 2022, Acceligen received approval for its CRISPR gene-edited beef.

So no safety concerns have arisen from 2 cows and therefore it doesn’t need regulatory approval. Sound similar to a recent vaccine, doesn’t it ? Huge trials of 2 cows 🙄 having taken place before a product comes to market. What could possibly go wrong ?

One person on Twitter also made a very interesting comment concerning the recent deaths of cattle in USA and Acceligen.

Twitter avatar for @Apocalyzabeth

Apocalyzabeth 🐊 @Apocalyzabeth
So the fda approves gene edited beef designed to withstand heat, without requiring they go thru standard approval process. 3 months later, 10,000 cattle die spontaneously of heat. Bill Gates also just happened to provide a grant that funded the development of the crispr cows.

So far we’ve seen how CRISPR can be used for vaccines, curing diseases and food but how else could CRISPR be used ?

A clue appears in a TED talk from 2017 by Fredros Okumu. Okumu is a WEF Young Global Leader who works in the Gates funded Ifakara Institute in Tanzania.

Okumu in a 2017 TED talk said the “WHO has set a goal of 2030 to eliminate malaria from 35 countries. The African Union has set a goal of 2030 to eliminate Malaria from the continent”

Agenda 2030 in play again.

The TED talk presenter asked a fascinating question at the very end of his brief, informative talk where he discussed traditional ways of combating malaria using bednets etc. She totally ignored the content of his talk and asked.

“What do you think of scientists using CRISPR to kill off mosquitoes”

Okumu said

“We’re talking about a disease that still kills 429,000 people mostly African children. There are countries that have reduced 60% reduction in malaria burden, but we still have to do more to get to zero. There is already proof of principle that gene- editing techniques such as CRISPR can be used effectively to transform mosquitoes so that either they do not transmit malaria, we call this population alteration, or that they no longer exist, population suppression. There is even proof that if you were to release just a small number of genetically modified mosquitoes that you can actually achieve elimination very quickly”

Pretty interesting that he talks about gene editing, population alteration, suppression & elimination. Sounds like CRISPR could have a role to play in depopulation and eugenics.

Just go to 8 min 30 secs and listen to the last 4 minutes, its a real eye-opener.

Back in 2016 the WEF understood the opportunities CRISPR would present when they published an article referencing CRISPR

Are we ready for genetically modified animals?

The WEF also understands the potential danger of CRISPR as in one of their videos they even produced a slide which said

“The risk of genetic mutations wiping out species has also been raised”

That still hasn’t stopped them partnering up with Mammoth Biosciences which was set up by Doudna. Their WEF bio is telling when they say

“Through the discovery and development of novel CRISPR systems, the company is enabling the full potential of its platform to read and write the code of life”

Reading and writing the code of life 🧐

The WEF also say on their site

“One day, it could make it possible to do everything from resurrecting extinct species to developing cures for chronic disease”


“But scientists are still far from realizing CRISPR’s potential”

The race is definitely on to use gene editing to resurrect extinct species as the Financial Times just ran an article on August 16th 2022 called

Scientists vow to bring Tasmanian tiger back from extinction

US biotech behind project to recreate woolly mammoth turns its attention to thylacine.

CRISPR and gene editing is central to the Fourth Industrial Revolution as the WEF point out

“In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, “satisfactory” may no longer be the status quo. We are now witnessing the most revolutionary stage of evolution, when we give up evolving by biology alone. With new life sciences tools such as CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing, we are now able to reshape genomes and alter biological form and function.

The quest for human perfection through gene editing has already begun”

That one paragraph should tell you all you need to know about CRISPR and the danger it potentially poses.

When in the history of mankind has something so powerful been used just for good and not evil especially when Gates & WEF are involved…

What do you think?

Written by colinnew

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