Vaxed People Getting Banned From Schools – Some Gyms Have done the same thing with New Members.

Time to stop the Vaccine Experiment. This is absurd its being pushed so hard and so fast. #WeDoNotConsent

Stop the experimental vaccines
Stop the experimental vaccines

It’s happening!!! #WeDoNotConsent

I’ve been thinking for weeks now that we need a “reverse vaccine passport” — i.e. those who took the experimental mRNA injection should have to be quarantined to ensure the safety of the rest of us — and now a private school in Miami has gone ahead and implemented it on their own!

From The Daily Mail, “Miami private school tells VACCINATED teachers to stay away from students who haven’t had COVID shot ‘because they may transmit something that could harm their reproductive systems and fertility’”:

A $30,000 a year Miami private school has told COVID-19 vaccinated teachers to stay away from students because they ‘may transmit something’ to them.

Centner Academy co-founder Leila Centner wrote to staff last week telling them: ‘Reports have surfaced recently of non-vaccinated people being negatively impacted by interacting with people who have been vaccinated.’

Leila, who set up the school with her husband David Centner in 2019, said their decision had been made with ‘with a very heavy heart’. Staff were asked to fill out a form on their vaccine intentions, The New York Times reports.

She said those who receive the shot ‘may be transmitting something from their bodies’ and could harm ‘reproductive systems, fertility, and normal growth and development in women and children.’

Centner added: ‘Even among our own population, we have at least three women with menstrual cycles impacted after having spent time with a vaccinated person.’

In the email to parents, Leila noted that the school was one of the first to reopen for in-person learning on September 8 last year.

She wrote: ‘We weighed the data and studied the research. We knew then that children have a 99.9974% survival rate and are not super spreaders.’

What an absolute QUEEN!

Centner is not backing down!

Though the media is demonizing her, she’s getting nothing but love on Instagram!

Remember, folks: they’re a private business and that means they can do whatever the hell they want!

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

If they can quarantine us, then we can quarantine them!

It’s time to take these policies nationwide!


It’s only “controversial” because it doesn’t fit the CBS Miami narrative.

Claim?? It’s fact. All who got the shot are experimental subjects.

Leila sounds like a smart lady! Holy Cross initially said they wont accept blood plasma donations from vaccinated. Health Insurance companies would not cover vaccine damages because it is “experimental” medicine. Very smart lady that Leila.

What do you think?

Written by Colin

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