Local woman couldn’t move from the neck down less than 24 hours after Pfizer vaccination.

Why would they pause Johnson and Johnson for side effects, but not look at side effects for Pfizer vaccine?

Pfizer Propaganda Song
Pfizer Propaganda Song

Lets go travel if essential. This is a communist agenda to control our movements. And here is the Propaganda

U.S. Food and Drug Administration staff recommends monitoring people who get Pfizer or Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine shots for possible cases of Bell’s palsy, saying it’s not necessarily a side effect but worth watching out for after a handful of trial participants got the condition, which causes half of your face to droop.

Lets push experimental vaccines on the world. Sounds like a crazy idea and people are lining up for it. All with a 99.7% recovery rate.

In other words, Phizer says “screw you and your family, nothing is ever our fault even if it is”. Who is next to take the shot?

Thank you for reporting this! Praying this patient will recover from her scary ordeal! There needs to be a third party enquiry into any serious side effects after taking ANY vaccine.

Nice statement by Pfizer. They completely denied and rejected all responsibility.

These vaccine injury stories are coming thick and fast I’m having trouble keeping up with them
I’ve had flu shots and as a paramedic had heptavax with no problems but this one is on hold for now. If someone is injured/dies after taking the vaccine they always say it was from “underlying problems”. If someone with underlying problems gets sick/dies and happens to test positive for covid, they say it was from covid… just amazing.
Everybody’s rushing to take something that a company has zero liability for.
That happened to me in 70’s after small pox vacinne- Guillain-Barré and I was able to walk again after about a week. It is SO scary. But, I have had nerve issues since. Don’t give up sweetie.
I remember people getting Guillain-Barre syndrome from the swine flu vaccine in the ‘70’s. I wonder if that is what she has. Hoping for a full recovery, and so thankful she is thoughtfully sharing her story.
This sounds like Guillain-Barre. The feeling and movement comes back starting from the feet. I was signed up to get my shot and started reading about the chances of getting Guillain-Barré after the shot. They wanted me to sign something stating that I understood that I could get Guillain-Barré. That releases them from any legal liability. I backed out. I’m just not comfortable with that yet.

What do you think?

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