The CDC Has Been Warned a ‘Criminal’ Fraud Investigation Is ‘Ready to Go’ After Midterm Elections |

The CDC Has Been Warned a ‘Criminal’ Fraud Investigation Is ‘Ready to Go’ After Midterm Elections
The CDC Has Been Warned a ‘Criminal’ Fraud Investigation Is ‘Ready to Go’ After Midterm Elections

Dr. Robert Malone, a noted mRNA vaccine researcher, and Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the most-published medical doctors in the world, gave a joint statement to The New American on Friday where they accused the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of perpetrating “criminal” fraud. Watch:

“In my opinion, withholding scientific data constitutes fraud,” Dr. Malone argued. “This is scientific fraud… If I was to publish a study in which I had a large body of epidemiologic data, and I decided to only public publish part of it because I wanted to advance some agenda, I would be guilty of scientific fraud. The paper would be withdrawn. I would be kicked out of my academic institution. I would be guilty of scientific fraud. That’s what this is.”

“And the CDC has, I’ve watched it over the years, become more and more and more a political arm and not serving its its function,” he continued.  “This is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. They are the archive of information which physicians have relied on for decades through the MMWR publication. They are the ones that are responsible for providing us the frontline data about what’s going on and where it’s happening and they have stopped performing that function…”

“And it is part of what’s underlied the attacks that Peter and I have sustained from the press,” Dr. Malone went on. “If you think about it, the underlying thesis is, ‘well, the CDC didn’t say that, so therefore you’re spreading medical misinformation.’ But now we learn who’s really been spreading medical misinformation, the CDC…”

“There are going to be legal consequences, and I believe [the folks working at the CDC that gave these interviews to the New York Times] have a choice,” Dr. Malone said. “These government employees that have been participating in hiding this data, they can either be defendants or they can be witnesses. It is time for them to step up and speak out. And if they want do a whistleblower action, speak to Senator Ron Johnson, his office is in business looking for this.”

“And when the midterms are done and he’s reelected and the Republicans take the Senate, [Senator Ron Johnson] is going to be in charge of the Senate subcommittee on investigations,” Malone added. “And I can tell you that he is ready to go.”

Dr. Peter McCullough then weighed in on the matter of holding the government accountable for withholding and manipulating data.

“This isn’t the only area of concern on data transparency,” Dr. McCullough said. “The FDA and Pfizer are being sued for a release of their full dossier. Many of you know that there now is an accelerated release of the data, but the reluctance to release information on a biological product that each and every Americans is being asked, if not mandated to take, the reluctance to do so should make everyone concerned.”

“The other area of data transparency we’re extremely concerned about is the Department of Defense epidemiological database information that was released on the January 24th Senate panel, a Second Opinion chaired by Senator Ron Johnson, and their lead attorney, Tom Renz, co-counsel, Leigh Dundas, presented the data and the whistleblowers in fact, did disclose their names, lead whistleblower, being flight surgeon Theresa Long.”

“And it’s clear, there is a manyfold increase across many disease categories among our servicemen year over year,” Dr. McCullough went on. “The only thing that’s changed is the administration of the vaccines in large numbers… And for those who are close to the data, I think they do have a choice coming up and it’s going to be be a matter of them making the right choice and where they want to end up on what side of history.”

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