Russia Supports the PRC and Reveals the Alliance!

Russia Supports the PRC and Reveals the Alliance!
Russia Supports the PRC and Reveals the Alliance!

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs releases statement pertaining to Nancy Pelosi’s arrival in Taiwan. Russia supports China in declaring Pelosi’s visit a “aggressive” and a clear  “provocation”, and supports their right to take “measures to protect its sovereignty”.

Full translated statement below:

“On August 2, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan.

We consider her visit as a clear provocation in the spirit of the aggressive US line on comprehensive containment of the PRC.

We believe that relations between the Taiwan Strait Parties are a purely internal affair of China. The Chinese side has the right to take measures necessary to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity on the Taiwan issue.

Russia’s principled position remains unchanged: we proceed from the premise that there is only one China, the PRC government is the only legitimate government representing all of China, and Taiwan, an integral part of China.

In the adopted on the results of negotiations between the leaders of our countries on February 4, S.G. In the Beijing Joint Statement of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China on International Relations Entering a New Era and Global Sustainable Development, the Russian side reaffirmed its adherence to the “one China” principle and opposed the independence of the island in any form.

We call on Washington to refrain from actions that undermine regional stability and international security and recognize the new geopolitical reality, in which there is no longer room for American hegemony.”


There is one HUGE detail in there that tells us EVERYTHING. Russia makes it very clear, that they only recognize the People’s Republic of China as the legitimate government representative of China. That seems to be the same narrative being pushed by Pompeo and Grassley with their odd tweets. The narrative is growing that the issue is the CCP, not the PRC. And white hats are making it clear there is a distinction between the two.


Virtually 0% of Americans know anything about the Chinese political landscape. From an outside perspective, we know nothing. We don’t understand the nuance. Just as the Nazis were only one out of eight political parties the early 20th century Germany, and the DNC are only one of the two parties in the current US; it appears the CCP is the Chinese equivalent. The Deep State is not a phenomenon unique to America. The infiltration is EVERYWHERE.

This also gives an insane amount of validity to the overall thesis I have adopted, that Putin, Xi, and Trump, are all working together to rid the world of the Deep State.

-Putin only gives legitimacy to President Xi and the People’s Republic of China, not the CCP.

-Putin only directs Russia’s bioterrorism allegations in Ukraine against the US DNC/Globalists, not Trump.

-Xi invites Trump and Melania to the Forbidden City, yet promises military intervention and threatens WW3 when DNC Pelosi gets too close.

-White hats Grassley and Pompeo giving us coordinated timed comms to establish our enemy as the CCP, not the PRC.

Trump, Xi, and Putin, are all supporting each other, and opposing the “Liberal Globalist” parties in the CCP and DNC. And all three of them are making an honest and visible effort to clearly distinguish which parties they are placing their distrust in. They want the People to know that the actions of the CCP do not represent China as a whole, just as the actions of the DNC do not represent the US as a whole.

Folks, you are witnessing the coalition of the three world superpowers standing up to the Globalist Deep State… its no longer a theory. They are showing us in real time.

And in order to clean up something of this magnitude, it would take an alliance between the most powerful militaries in the world. That’s what you’re witnessing. “Military is the only way” wasn’t referring to just one military, it was referring to the militaries of China, Russia, and the US.

This is a joint operation to rid the world of evil.


What do you think?

Written by colinnew

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