Revealed: The entire Australian island that has gone cashless – sparking major backlash as thousands vow to boycott for good

Opinion: Usr it or loose it. Cash is something the government can’t track and in a world of dysopoc futures just around the corner cash could be the best thing to keeping anonymity and a reverence of independence.

Aussie Island goes cashless
Aussie Island goes cashless

An entire Australian island has gone cashless – sparking backlash from thousands who are threatening to boycott the tourist destination for good.

The decision to refuse cash on Hamilton Island, north of Mackay in North Queensland, was first made for health reasons during the Covid pandemic.

But it has remained in place despite the relaxation of restrictions, with the island providing three reasons for its policy: health and wellbeing benefits, convenience and security.

‘Cashless payments facilitate seamless, contactless transactions, promoting a hygienic environment for the well-being of both guests and staff,’ the privately owned island explained on its website.

‘Embracing cashless payments provides a hassle-free and efficient way for our guests to make payments, eliminating the need to carry cash or deal with change.

‘Prioritising your safety, cashless transactions significantly reduce the risk of loss or theft, offering secure and traceable financial transactions.’

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Tourists travelling to the picturesque and exclusive Hamilton Island (pictured) will not be allowed to pay with cash after operators extended Covid-era rules

However, Hamilton Island’s decision to go cashless has not sat well with many Australians.

‘I guess I won’t be going to Hamilton Island,’ one said.

Another added: ‘One place I definitely won’t be re-visiting.’

A third said: ‘Goodbye Hamilton Island,’ while another called for a ‘complete boycott’.

Adding to the sentiment, another declared: ‘I got married there years ago. Have been wanting to do back, but certainly won’t be now.’

A sixth declared: ‘Plenty of other better places to go that take cash.’

Many Aussies are now vowing to boycott Hamilton Island over its decision to go cashless

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Many Aussies are now vowing to boycott Hamilton Island over its decision to go cashless

The exclusive island is often visited by celebrities such as Jackie O (pictured)

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The exclusive island is often visited by celebrities such as Jackie O (pictured)

Payments on Hamilton Island with credit or tap-and-go with credit or debit cards incur a 1.25 per cent surcharge.

However, no surcharge is applied for those who insert their cards and select the cheque or savings option.

Additionally, tourists have the option to withdraw and deposit cash at the island’s Australia Post office and load it onto a ‘pre-paid or top-up Mastercard’ so they can spend it on the island.

Hamilton Island, purchased by renowned winemaker Bob Oatley in 2003, is a top tourist spot thanks to its close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef.

During peak season it welcomes up to 5,000 visitors at once, with some spending as much as $1,920 per night.

Despite having an operational airport, 18-hole golf course and a marina, the nearest bank is back on the mainland in Airlie Beach.

Hamilton Island was approached for comment.

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