Federal Prosecutor Road Rage Caught On Camera

Opinion: Oh Let’s let the guy who is supposed to be a prime example of law and order off while he stabs someone multiple times for a driving incident, but the guy that walks into the capital building gets terrorism treatment. The system is broken.

j6 prosecutor arrested for road rage stabbing
j6 prosecutor arrested for road rage stabbing


This is Patrick Douglas Scruggs. Patrick is a federal prosecutor who helped put Capitol trespassers in prison, and perpetrated the narrative that these people were grave threats to society. In September, 2023, a driver on a bridge hit Mr. Scrugg’s car. Mr. Scruggs got out of his car, broke the driver’s window, and proceeded to stab him over and over again with a knife. A couple got out of their car and tried to help the stabbing victim, then Mr. Scruggs tried to stab the couple. Scrugg’s attorney stated that his client is innocent until proven guilty, and has asked the public to “keep an open mind” because his client “was part of a chaotic situation”.

What do you think?

Written by Colin

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