IBM Created Nazi Germany Punch Cards…And Now They’re Behind Vaccine Passports?

IBM, a global technology manufacturing company, created the punch cards Nazis used during the Holocaust to keep track of prisoners

NAZI Germany Used IBM to Creat Health Passport
NAZI Germany Used IBM to Creat Health Passport

Nazi Germany “Health Passport”

Yes, the social media rumors are true: IBM, a global technology manufacturing company, created the punch cards Nazis used during the Holocaust to keep track of prisoners, and now the company has created the necessary technology for vaccine passports in the 21stCentury.

It’s disturbing that we could be repeating history so soon after World War II in the name of “public health” due to the coronavirus pandemic, but unfortunately, today’s society has an incredibly short memory span in the information age.

While actions by U.S. officials are not even close or comparable to the horrific atrocities that occurred during Hitler’s regime in 1940s Nazi Germany, there are striking similarities between how the German dictator controlled the Jews and how U.S. officials want to control Americans.

And that’s something about which we should be vigilantly concerned.

Now for a quick history lesson:

IBM’s German subsidiary, Dehomag, manufactured punch card systems that were used in Nazi concentration camps to track each prisoner’s punch card in the early 1940s.

IBM admits this in a 2001 statement responding to accusations that it aided the Nazis with keeping records of the Jews they mass incarcerated and murdered.

“It has been known for decades that the Nazis used Hollerith equipment and that IBM’s German subsidiary during the 1930s — [Dehomag] — supplied Hollerith equipment,” the company stated. “As with hundreds of foreign-owned companies that did business in Germany at that time, Dehomag came under the control of Nazi authorities prior to and during World War II.”

IBM admitted it was responsible for manufacturing the punch cards, but casts blame on the Nazis for seizing the German subsidiary location’s means of production to use for their own manufacturing goals.

The company also made sure to state its “employees around the world find the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime abhorrent” and categorically “condemn any actions which aided [the Nazis’] unspeakable acts.”

Considering the manufacturing company’s immoral track record on this type of technology, you might think the leaders of IBM in 2021 would shy away from making similar technology.

But no, they are leading the charge in creating the most effective blockchain technology for use of vaccine passports.

IBM hails their “digital health pass” as the “smart way to return to society” for businesses and individuals.

How does it work, you might ask? The “digital health pass” technology for vaccine passports functions as the digital version of the punch cards IBM says Nazi-Germany overtook their means of production to create.

On the company’s own website, they list three simple steps a person would take to use it.

Step one: An issuing organization generates a verifiable credential, such as test results, and sends the credential to the individual user.

Step two: Once the individual receives the credential, they load it into their phone to share with a verifying organization.

Step three: The verifying organization, such as a business, airport, sports arena, etc., checks the credential.

Essentially, you take your credentials (card) and share it with a verifying organization (punch in).

Vaccine passports are clearly a way to control who is able to function normally in society, where individuals can go, and under what circumstances. Complying with vaccine passports is a method of ultimate control over the people by the government.

Unsurprisingly, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s state of New York became the first to launch a vaccine passport built on IBM’s technology this week.

Beginning on Friday, New Yorkers will be able to use the digital certification app, the Excelsior Pass, which uses IBM’s “digital health pass” blockchain technology, to verify they have been vaccinated and tested negative for COVID-19.

New Yorkers will be able to simply pull up a QR code on their phone, just like an airplane boarding pass or concert ticket, to scan proving their vaccine and testing credentials. Dozens of businesses will begin accepting the technology across the state starting next week.


It is currently optional for New Yorkers to use the app. But, they just may be denied access to businesses as early as next week.

The detrimental impacts a widely-used vaccine passport could have on our freedoms as American citizens are immeasurable.

Once we wake up to how bad of an idea this was once our rights and freedoms are essentially meaningless, my question is this: 80 years from now, will IBM say their means of production in 2021 was overtaken by the U.S. government?

Or will the company issue a statement similar to the one quoted from 2001 on its technology’s role in the Holocaust?

Although we can’t predict the future, we can press technology companies and state governments to cease their anti-American initiatives to permanently subjugate Americans to a future of medical slavery and restricted liberties.


Nazi eugenics, refers to the social policies of eugenics in Nazi Germany. The racial ideology of Nazism placed the biological improvement of the German people by selective breeding of “Nordic” or “Aryan” traits at its center. Eugenics research in Germany before and during the Nazi period was similar to that in the United States, by which it had been heavily inspired. However, its prominence rose sharply under Adolf Hitler’s leadership when wealthy Nazi supporters started heavily investing in it. The programs were subsequently shaped to complement Nazi racial policies.

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