Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko telling the truth about lockdowns, masks, vaccinations

and the political class – Why are citizens being persecuted by their governments?

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko
Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko


The final remnants of the Soviet Union linger in Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko is a Tin Pot Dictator who had a goofy election to maintain his power is so paranoid about anyone discussing his legitimacy as President, is calling in bomb threats to get Journalists detained.

A plane from Lithuania to Greece was intercepted by the Belarusian Government, after a Bomb Threat was made, that had Raman Pratasevich, a Journalist who reports for the opposition (non-Communists) flagged down in Minsk; escorted by MiG Jets. Serious stuff.

Raman and his companion, Sofia Sapega, have been treated very well while in captivity by the Party. It’s obvious, considering we haven’t heard from Raman and Sofia has had two video confessions forcibly released, denouncing her journalistic endeavors.

The US is suggesting avoiding the area and the UK are banning travel; both are sanctioning. It’s getting crazy and a profile on Lukashenko is necessary.


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Written by Colin

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