Gravitas: Chinese Ambassador was on target in Quetta Blast

China’s theft of resources makes citizens Angry Enough For Bloodshed

12 injured by a bomb blast at a luxury hotel in Quetta killing 4

In Quetta, 50 KGs of RDX exploded at a hotel where the Chinese Ambassador was staying. Islamabad says Nong Rong was on target. Who was behind this attack? Why does insurgency persist in Balochistan? WION’s Palki Sharma gets you a report.

As the media spells it out to be an act of Terrorism, in fact it is just that but what about the theft of resources of the peoples that live there and are indigenous to the land. Why do we let our politicians give away resources of a country to keep one ruling class and the wealth extractors nations wealthy too? These jobs and resources should be kept in Pakistan.


Time and time again we see the resources being stolen from the lands to give to global companies for a few jobs. And these jobs go away. It is time for a revolution, but not the ones the globalists are pushing for. But by the people for the people. It is time to be more resourceful with our goods and services and resources. And not sell them to foreign nationalists and global elites. Its time we blockchain or policies and get rid of dirty politicians around the world. Everything can change with computerized ledger systems. We can get rid of oligarchies and their evil ways of divide and conquer. The ordinary citizen can live better without these so called leaders taking all of our monies and resources. .

What do you think?

Written by Colin

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