Ex-CIA Agent Reveals How to End Human Trafficking

Nic Mckinley who is the Founder and Executive Director at DeliverFund

End Human Trafficking
End Human Trafficking

Patrick Bet-David has a virtual sit-down with Nic Mckinley who is the Founder and Executive Director at DeliverFund. In this interview they cover his career in the CIA and the work he does with stopping human trafficking. Connect with Nic on Twitter:​

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About the Guest: Nic was a USAF Pararescueman (PJ) for 10 years before working as a consultant for fortune 10 investment banks in New York and Boston. His work in New York, combined with his military special operations background, got him recruited to the CIA as a Special Agent responsible for executing full-spectrum intelligence operations in high threat countries. Nic’s penchant for crafting solutions to hard problems, combined with the injustice of human trafficking, motivated him to leave the CIA to found DeliverFund in direct response to the human trafficking epidemic he witnesses overseas and at home. Nic attended Harvard University.

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