20000 + March for Freedom March 20 2021 London #IDoNotConsent

Europeans are reaching a critical point. But how long before it cracks. #JUSTSAYNO

We know the plan is to relax restrictions during summer months all to come back harder in the fall. Its so easy to smell out the dirty rotten plan. But when will people really grow some balls and start to really say no. To stop wearing the masks, to start to live lives and enjoy being a human being. Isn’t the saying life is short. Well the politicians just took a year from everyone over misguided information, or was it just a plan to control the masses and Vaccinate everyone with an Experimental Use Authorization bio weapon. Do not take these so called vaccines, they will make you sick, and even sicker into the future. Ant they want several shots a year for the rest of your life. #JUSTSAYNO #IDoNotConsent

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Written by Colin

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