Critical Theory and the Woke Communist Movement

Are We Getting Set For. A Marxist Revolution? ‘Woke utopia’, the end of the West & a new cult – James Lindsay

Critical Race Theory SHTF
Critical Race Theory SHTF
James Lindsey is brilliant and his work is outstanding. Others such as Jordan Peterson and Douglas Murray (and others) have done a an amazing job putting the spotlight on the existential dangers of the insidious and cancerous Trojan Horse creep inherent within Post-Modernism, Neo-Marxism, Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality and Wokeness , but James Lindsay has really connected the dots on a whole new level.

James Lindsay is a US academic with a background in maths and physics. He co-authored the book Cynical Theories which takes a deep dive into the woke movement and its academic roots. Lindsay was also involved in the Grievance studies affair where a group of academics submitted fake papers for peer review to shine a light on poor standards and postmodernist ideas.

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