Calls to repeal Bill 36 that was “passed undemocratically” continue to mount

WEF and OECD Agile Nations Charter that is weaponized healthcare against Citizens through Bill 36.


The BC NDP government rammed through legislation that will radically change the landscape of how patients receive care and how medical professionals will be required by government to treat and provide information to their patients.

The legislation came in the form of Bill 36, “Health Professions and Occupations Act“. The Bill has been tucked away in the shadows hiding from the prying eyes of public scrutiny slithering its way through the legislature with little to no debate or awareness.

The Act has been promoted by the BC NDP as to having good intensions for patients but have shut down debates and shielded the Act from the democratic process of being scrutinized.

The Act has over 650 lines of changes to laws and only about 250 have been debated before the BC NDP government censored the debates and just rammed it through in November 2022.

In recent months many health professionals and the general public have become aware of the bill.

Human rights lawyers and experts have been sounding the alarm to politicians, however concerns have been falling on deaf ears.

Human rights lawyer

Gail Davidson a retired Member of the Law Society of British Columbia, also the founder of Lawyers Rights Watch Canada (LRWC) and former director, wrote a letter to all members of the BC Legislature in regards to Bill 36 and how its been moving through the process of becoming law.

The letter wasn’t the only thing sent. Davidson also sent an email to the BC Legislative Assembly that included a power point presentation dated March 27, 2023, explaining why the government needs to stomp on the breaks for Bill 36 right away.

“The Health Professions and Occupations Act (ACT) was improperly pushed through
on 24 November 2022 without the consultation, disclosure, informed debate and voting required in a democracy.” Davidson wrote.

Davidson argues the passing of the legislation bypassed the democratic process required for passing laws in Canada.

“The ACT lacks a legitimate purpose and has never been subjected to disclosure, debate and acceptance or rejection by health care workers, the Legislative Assembly or the 5 million BC residents in need of personalized medical care.”

BC Liberal MLA Sherly Bond raised these concerns in the BC Legislature two weeks ago. “The changes made to the structure of Health Care regulatory colleges in Bill 36 are some of the most significant in our province’s history” Bond said, stating they “should not come into force before they have gone through review and debate in this legislature.”

Davidson asked the government to repeal the bill right away and never bring it back, but if they don’t she demands the government to be transparent and provide the public with justification why the Act needs to give government such overly broad sweeping powers.

“Provide written justification for the Health Professions and Occupations Act including
justification for the widespread delegation of powers to appointees to make, adopt and
enforce laws, impose punishments, override protected rights, determine allegations,
suspend licenses, define ethical and eligibility standards and make by-laws regarding
informed consent and other essential aspects of health care.”

You can read the full letter here below:

Davidson points out in her power point presentation in section 17 of the Act, it removes the democratic process of electing members to the board of the physicians colleges. It instead becomes an undemocratic process where the board members will be bureaucrats appointed by the government.

Emergency Orders. The Act grants broad powers to the minister and public health officer to make emergency orders (defined as administrative and scope of practice orders) if such orders are deemed to be necessary. These orders can be made either with no consultation or after consulting with a few political appointees (ss. 326 to 329).

“Emergency orders .may be restricted to one or more persons, classes of persons or geographical areas (s.327(2).”

The Act allows a broad interpretation of public health emergency (See s. 325 and Public Health Act s. 52 (2)) and authorizes emergency orders without any notice to or consultation with health care professionals or other health specialists, public emergency specialists, the Legislative Assembly or other informed parties.

The Act will allow appointees to suspend a practitioners right to practice without notice and before a complaint has been investigated or determined.

The Act allows for government bureaucrats to create rules that ignore informed consent and bypass the rights established by Canadian law and international treaties to which Canada is a State Party (s. 72 (3) (b);

Unelected government bureaucrats will be the source of medical truth and will arbitrary criminalize a practitioner that provides what it deems as “misleading information” to patients which is defined as act of misconduct (s. 70 (2) (g)) and a criminal offence (s. 514(2) (b)).

The Act imposes severe penalties with fines up to $500,000, imprisonment up to 2 years.

The Act does not require licensees to respect the paramount duty of health professionals to ensure patient rights to informed consent to medical treatment, freedom from coercion or force to accept treatment not voluntarily chosen and freedom from non-consensual medical or scientific experimentation.

Unelected government bureaucrats are fully protected and shielded from any accountability.

The Act appears to grant immunity from prosecution for violations of the Act to the Cabinet, minister, public health officer and appointees exercising powers over health care workers (s. 513)

The Act defies logic and science by demanding all health care professionals to undergo an invasive unnecessary medical treatment to get an education or work in all health care professions at hospitals, long term care, dentists, chiropractors to name a few.

British Columbia is the only province to make it law to mandate a “primary series” of Covid vaccination [2 doses] for all health care professions. The Act allows unelected government bureaucrats to force health professionals to take any vaccine at any time weather or not they are experiments or unnecessary if health care workers want to keep their jobs.

“UBC is blocking the acceptance of students in medicine, dentistry, nursing, and other health disciplines” said Dr. Matthew Evans Cockle.

Last month Dr. Matthew Evans Cockle wrote an open letter to UBC publish on The Epoch Times asking common sense to return to the University of British Columbia.

He wrote about a friend of his working at UBC that just wanted to keep their job and caved into getting the shots and was hospitalized after both doses of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

If you would like to listen to a reading of Davidson’s letter to the BC Legislative Assembly “NO to Health Professions and Occupations”, play this video recording by Dr. Matthew Evans Cockle.


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