When Will It End? California Elementary School Has Secret LGBT Club for Third Graders

Opinion: The Alphabet Cult is being used for the Cultural Marxist take over of the country. No teacher should be talking about sex and gender with children. Especially these radical groomers.

When Will It End? California Elementary School Has Secret LGBT Club for Third Graders
When Will It End? California Elementary School Has Secret LGBT Club for Third Graders
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I have visited California (LA, to be exact) exactly once in my life, and the more I hear about it, the happier I am I haven’t gone back since.

Pleasant Grove Elementary, part of the Elk Grove Unified School District, just made yet another case for homeschooling and school choice. The school was recently found to have an LGBT club for students, started by a third-grade teacher.

An LGBT club. For elementary schoolers.

Naturally, parents were kept in the dark about it. There was no news about its existence and no permission slip to join. It was held during lunchtime.

“The district isn’t really giving any answers on what was happening, what the guidelines were, what the curriculum was,” said Heidi Moore, a mom whose kids attend schools in the district. “Permission slips are required for [the] gardening club, so why not for this club?”

Brittani Cortina, another mom whose kids attend Pleasant Grove, said her fourth-grader described how “The teacher came in and spoke about how boys like boys and girls like girls” when announcing the club’s creation. This apparently male teacher called the club “UBU,” as in, “you be you.”

Nope, no need to check that guy’s hard drive.

A third mom, Pamela Davila, whose second-grader goes to the school, said her child came home “confused” when they heard about the club.

“These little minds just can’t wrap their heads around what these types of things mean to them,” Davila told CBS13.

Once word got out, the Elk Grove Unified School District said the club was “on pause” and it would review “all pertinent policies and practices that relate to before/after school clubs.”

Pleasant Grove’s principal, Deidra Wood, said in an email, “Our legal counsel has been weighing in with our district cabinet because of the laws and because whatever decisions are made will impact not only our school and club but the other 5-10 elementary similar clubs.”

So other LGBT clubs for elementary schoolers exist in the district? Is that what she’s saying?

Of course, this is California we’re talking about, so we can expect this to not only be permitted to continue but probably allowed to operate without parental notice or consent because of homo/transphobia or something, just like how the State of Washington signed a law in 2022 delaying notification of parents when their “trans” child runs away from home and ends up at a shelter and allows them to receive “gender-affirming care.”

Still, there seems to be a serious uptick in organized grooming by the rainbow crowd in the past few weeks, unless we’re just becoming more aware of it (you can check out my profile for the ones I have called attention to).

Just today, Ben Bartee wrote about a website called Spectrum Outfitters, which sells chest binders for women who want to be men and “packers” for men wanting to be women (now with models for little boys). On top of that, they also provide a whole shelf’s worth of LGBTQLADIDA literature, a lot of which is not only geared toward kids but has a lot of stuff related to autism and transgenderism. (There is a frighteningly large overlap between the two, believe it or not).

For Our VIPs: Making a Killing: LGBTQ Groomers Selling Dangerous $46 ‘Chest Binders’ Online

Will there ever be an end to this madness?

What do you think?

Written by Colin

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