Believe in Science

But not those scientists. Big Pharma Bar Karma.


The Science Guy Talking About Viruses and Health

Remember Germ Theory, it’s just a theory. Everything “They” have told is is lies. They purposely control us and now want to get rid of us as we are starting to know way to much. The Great Awakening is now, or we get crushed by AI and robots. It’s up to us now. Real News Real Scary

Everything you were told is a lie. Look into what you are doing to your mind and body before you give up all your rights and freedoms, and more importantly, YOUR Healthy.

This also explains why HPV is not an STD. Its a consequence of poor eating, and not washing your clothes. Would it make sense for all infections of the genitalia to be STD’s? Well the quacks certainly think so. Are all infections of the thumb from shaking hands? The pseudo-science of quackademia are riddled with superficial psychological superstitions. And too much money. Ideally it should be illegal to make money from healing at all because it just causes quackery and corruption. If you are not willing to heal for free; then you are a parasite taking advantage of those who suffer.

What do you think?

Written by Colin

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