Unsurprisingly, Sky News has literally justified the assassination attempt on Slovakian PM Robert Fico. Despicable ghouls.

Opinion: The media ghouls are just exactly the, ghouls and shills for their handlers.

Sky News says Robert Fico was a divisive populist who was “very pro-Russian.”

Broadcaster Sky News was accused of semi-justifying the assassination attempt on Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico by emphasizing how he was a populist, “very pro-Russian” and that it’s “not surprising” someone attacked him.

Fico’s condition is reportedly improving after he underwent surgery after being shot several times by a gunman in the small town of Handlova yesterday.

Within hours of the incident, a Sky News reporter pointed out that it was “worth thinking about who this individual is,” referring to Fico.

He went on to describe the PM as a “populist” and a “nationalist,” before another reporter said Fico had caused division in Slovakia and “become very pro-Russian over the years, and one wonders why and how.”

The reporter then lamented how, like Hungary’s Viktor Orban, Fico had not supported sanctions on Russia and led Slovakia to “dig their toes in against Ukraine and against any sort of sympathy with Kiev,” and wanted Russia to win the war.

“Now that’s very divisive within Slovakia, it’s divisive within the EU, so it’s not surprising that this sort of event might take place because it’s a very unhappy country at the moment Slovakia, not just on this basis but on the basis of how the country is going in general towards a more authoritarian future or a more conventional west European sort of future,” he added.

One wonders if the target of the assassination had been Emmanuel Macron or even Joe Biden whether news reporters would have mentioned the fact that they are divisive figures too.

Some responded to the reporting by calling it “disgusting.”

“Listen to this Sky News report on the shooting of Robert Fico,” remarked Glenn Greenwald. “Not only do they come close to justifying it because he opposes aid to Ukraine, but they also casually imply that he’s being paid by the Kremlin. This casual accusation is so prevalent in the West, and toxic.”

The gunman was subsequently identified as an activist named Juraj Cintula who is a member of the pro-West and socially liberal “Progressive Slovakia” party. A video of him after the shooting reportedly shows Cintula complaining about government policies.

Deputy Prime Minister Robert Kalinak told the media that “there is no doubt” that the attack was a politically motivated assassination attempt.

“The inability to accept the will of some part of the public, which some group does not like, is the result that they have worked towards today,” said Kalinak.

Other respondents on X pointed out that Fico has been a thorn in the side of the establishment on a number of different issues, including Islamization and vaccines.

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