Trudeau Funds Indian Highways as Canadian Roads Crumble

Opinion: Why is the corruption so obvious not to add the agenda to break Canadians so obvious to some on not to others” Its obvious we pay them(talking about the media)

Trudeau's Indian Road Scandal To Unveil.
Trudeau's Indian Road Scandal To Unveil.

Trudeau Funds Indian Highways as Canadian Roads Crumble


Introduction To Trudeau Scandal

The Trudeau government just got caught red-handed in a shocking betrayal scandal. Ottawa has secretly funnelled a huge amount of public money into highway mega-projects across India while blocking infrastructure projects at home.

They’ve totally abandoned Canadian taxpayers who paid for this by pumping over a billion dollars into giving Indian commuters and transport total freedom on the roads.

But then they tell Canadians here to ditch their cars and just choke on traffic jams.

Leaked documents expose the two-faced deception by the government regarding road infrastructure spending.

While citizens here suffer the consequences of crumbling, inadequate highways, enormous resources have been quietly devoted to paving thousands of kilometers of new Indian blacktop.

Inside sources say federal officials pulled this road’s double-standard in total secrecy, dodging public and parliamentary oversight.

With the truth now out, the Liberals face a firestorm of hate over giving Indian roads special treatment on the down-low.

There’s no doubt that calls for accountability will ring out – why enormous road investments for India but not Canada?

Trudeau Liberals Road Hypocrisy Exposed

The hypocrisy of the Liberal government knows no bounds. While Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, a radical climate extremist, declares that Ottawa will no longer fund road infrastructure projects in Canada, the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board is pouring millions of dollars into building highways in India.


This shady double standard shows how clueless the Liberals are about what everyday, hard-working Canadians need.

Their radical, anti-development plans leave Canadian commuters stuck in traffic while shipping our tax dollars overseas to build foreign roads.

Guilbeault’s comments back in February that Ottawa would stop funding new roads left a lot of heads spinning. This self-declared climate activist turned Environment Minister made it obvious his extreme views haven’t chilled now that he’s in power.


His radical schemes to force Canadians to ditch their rides for buses, bikes and walking shows how little he gets the transportation needs outside downtown Toronto.

Guilbeault’s arrogance in telling people how to live their lives is mind-blowing. Most Canadians can’t just walk or bike to work, especially in the dead of winter.

We need solid highways to deliver goods to market and get ourselves to the office on time. The Minister’s comments were slammed from coast to coast.

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre properly labeled Guilbeault a “radical” for his extreme anti-car stance.

MP Mark Strahl pointed out the obvious – that the Minister’s plans are “outrageous” and will hit many Canadians hard.

Strahl said Guilbeault hasn’t changed from his days as a professional protester, when he was arrested for stunts like scaling the CN Tower. The man has no business being in charge of Canada’s environment and climate change plans.

While Guilbeault later tried to take back his comments, his intent was clear. The Liberals will no longer fund projects to “enlarge road networks”, regardless of needs.

Canada is open for business, as long as you walk or bike to work. What an insult to the millions of Canadians who have no choice but to drive to earn a living.

Guilbeault played the climate change card to justify blocking road funds. He said the cash is “better spent” on other greenie projects to cut emissions.


In his view, angry commuters and lost economic productivity from traffic jams don’t matter. All that counts is ramming through an extreme green agenda, even if it screws over everyday citizens.

While Guilbeault plans to leave Canadian drivers stranded in endless traffic, the Canada Pension Plan is plowing ahead on road infrastructure overseas.

CPPIB recently announced a $297 million investment in an Indian road project jointly owned with the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan. CPPIB says it “deepens our commitment to this highly scalable platform”.


CPPIB emphasizes its mandate is to maximize returns at arms-length from the government. However, it is still a Crown corporation investing the retirement savings of millions of Canadians.

Those pensioners likely don’t appreciate their money going to build roads in India while Ottawa prevents similar projects here. It shows the hypocrisy of Liberal claims we must fight climate change by blocking highways when they are fine investing in roads elsewhere.

The India road investment also raises questions if CPPIB is taking undue risks abroad to chase higher returns. Infrastructure projects in developing countries involve considerable uncertainties that pensioners shouldn’t be exposed to.

The Board claims the risks are manageable, but others worry corners are being cut on due diligence.

At a minimum, CPPIB should invest the savings of the hard-working Canadians who contribute to it in projects that benefit communities here at home.

Charity abroad shouldn’t come at the expense of communities here. Workers pay into CPP to improve and secure their own retirements, not to fund economic development overseas.


The conflicting road infrastructure positions of the Liberal government and CPPIB highlight the hypocrisy at the heart of the Liberal climate change agenda.

Guilbeault’s insistence that Ottawa will no longer invest in projects that “enlarge road networks” leaves commuters stuck in traffic.

His claimed high-minded motivation to fight climate change is betrayed by the CPPIB’s massive investment in Indian highways.

The Minister rejects the needs of everyday Canadians who rely on driving to work. His refusal to fund highway expansion projects will choke economic growth as congestion worsens. Jobs will be lost, goods will cost more, and families will have less quality time as they sit frustrated in gridlock.

But Guilbeault remains fixated on his extreme climate agenda, saying that the carbon tax is the right policy for Canada.


Journalist Slams Guilbeault

Journalist John Ivison also slammed Guilbeault, saying he epitomizes “a government dominated by activists turned politicians who see themselves in a special state of grace.”


His bicycling commutes in downtown Montreal seem to have blinded him to the transportation needs of millions outside major city centers.

Guilbeault claimed the current road system is “perfectly adequate” for Canada’s needs. This will come as shocking news to commuters stuck in soul-crushing gridlock, like those around Toronto pleading for Highway 413 to relieve congestion.

As Ivison notes, polling shows a key criticism of the Liberals is they preach more than listen. Guilbeault’s moral preening on roads proves that right.

Guilbeault appears to have done no analysis on whether existing networks can handle 10+ million more people by 2040.

He also cites massive drops in driving, due to unaffordable gas costs under the Liberal carbon tax.

As UBC’s Robin Lindsey states: “A blanket decision not to invest in road infrastructure across all of Canada seems ill-advised.” Cities have different needs based on growth, density, congestion and transit availability.

Lindsey says autonomous vehicles will also affect road capacity as they become prevalent. But Guilbeault has ruled them out too.

Ottawa already avoids road projects, so this may not represent a huge policy shift. But crucial projects like B.C.’s Highway 1 upgrade may be the last big federal investment if the minister’s stance holds. Ontario’s planned Highway 413 seems certainly doomed.

Guilbeault has also soured on electric vehicles, despite pushing a mandate for 100% EV sales by 2035. He now says they won’t solve all problems, calling belief in them a “false utopia.” Clearly he wants Canadians out of all cars period.

As Ivison writes, Guilbeault’s “moral certitude might have worked a few years ago” when Liberals seemed more aligned with voters. But his telling millions to cycle in winter proves “a government that appears so out of touch with their daily lives.”

And in a recent interview with Jordan Peterson, Pierre Poilievre called out the liberals and specifically Trudeau for what he is – an egomaniac – who makes all political decisions based on expanding his own power and legacy, not serving citizens.

Poilievre argues his policies are consistent in expanding state control over people’s lives – how they save, run businesses, raise kids etc.


Poilievre also shed light on how the media protected Trudeau from scrutiny of his past racist costumes and inheritance. And how he had the lowest ever vote share for a PM which actually shows that most Canadians don’t actually support Trudeau that much.

The Liberal’s climate extremism is hurting Canadian commuters and our economy. Their hypocrisy in

Quebec’s crumbling road network needs $15B in repairs

Transport minister says ‘roads are safe and inspected regularly by the ministry’

The province’s public infrastructure report shows that half of the 31,000 kilometres of roads under the province’s care are rated ‘poor’ or ‘very poor.’ (Simon-Marc Charron/Radio-Canada)

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