Roll Call of Canadian Politicians who Undermined Canadian Security and Democracy

Opinion: China is controlling our politicians and it’s time to hold them accountable.


Every one of them should answer why they did so and what links they may have or had to the Chinese Communist Party and United Front. 1. Mark Holland – Liberal Government House Leader & Ajax MP

2. Don Davies – MP for Vancouver Kingsway & Member of NSICOP Intelligence Committee

3. Olivia Chow – former NDP MP & candidate to be Mayor of Toronto

4. Bob Rae – Canada’s Ambassador to the United Nations & former Liberal Leader

5. Alexandra Mendes – Liberal MP for Brossard-Saint-Lambert

6. Ben Lobb – Conservative MP for Huron-Bruce

7. Kelly Block – Conservative MP for Carlton Trail – Eagle Creek

8. George Chow – B.C. NDP MLA

9. Michael Ignatieff – former Liberal Leader

10. Gordon Campbell – Former Premier of B.C. 11. Ujjal Dosanjh – Former Premier of B.C. and Liberal Cabinet Minister

12. Former MPs: Kevin Sorenson

Maria Mourani

Roger Gaudet Andrew Kania

Phil McColeman Rick Norlock Dave Mackenzie

Brent Rathgeber

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Written by Colin

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