The Economic Truth Episode 31: Are No Assets Safe In The Coming Economic Crisis? w/ David Morgan

Economic Truth Episode 31

In this episode, John has a great conversation with a world-renowned silver expert macroeconomist and researcher, David Morgan of The Morgan

They talk about the upcoming financial crisis brought upon us by the current monetary Ponzi scheme.

They look at David Webb’s new book The Great Taking and discuss if your financial assets are safe from confiscation.

They look at how you might not own any of your assets if you have a brokerage account or a retirement plan. Still, you have rights through their valuation and dividend payments through ownership in “street name,” which means you have rights to collect the assets valuation when sold or dividends. Still, a central counterparty that owns them is called a Central Clearing Party.

We look at how one could circumvent the great Taking 2.0, most likely coming from a financial crisis.

This and much more in this episode.

David Morgan can be found here, and this is where you can subscribe to his report and buy his books:

What do you think?

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