Supply chain issues could lead to ‘limited supply’ of red meat

Drastic changes in supply patterns could lead to a limited supply of red meat – particularly beef – on the global market, a new report has warned.

Supply chain issues could lead to 'limited supply' of red meat
Supply chain issues could lead to 'limited supply' of red meat

The challenge for the meat trade comes as food security is impacted in the wake of international crises and increasing prices.

Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) report concludes that global supplies of beef will remain tight for the short to medium term.

This is due to below average production in the EU and US specifically, firm domestic demand in the US, and elevated import demand from China and the rest of Asia.

In addition, the levy board’s report says that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is impacting trade flows and has led to fuel, grain and fertiliser prices rising significantly.

Experts warn that additional costs could lead to further instability. While some additional supply may come in the short term if farmers reduce stocking levels, the international situation may make a recovery in production more difficult in the longer term.

Global supplies of sheep meat, conversely, are expected to be larger than they have been, HCC’s report explains.

Australia is forecast to see increased production following a near 5% rise in the size of the national flock, along with increased optimism for their sector as the Australia-UK trade deal comes into effect later this year.

The recovery of China’s pig herd following outbreaks of African swine fever could lead to more New Zealand lamb being re-directed and imported into Europe, it says.

This follows a period of reduced trade with the UK – a drop of 15% – on the year during 2021, largely due to freight disruptions and stronger demand from the US.

This resulted in a greater reliance on domestically produced lamb in the UK, HCC’s report explains.

Ms Phillips said that another key factor which could be significant in terms of red meat consumption would be consumer purchasing patterns.

“As inflation continues to rise, it is difficult to forecast demand for red meat as consumers feel the squeeze on their household expenditure.

“In addition, sustainability concerns could also affect consumer purchasing habits.”

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