Scalise rips Pelosi, accuses her of using hearing as “PR machine” to tout “boondoggle bill”

More Politicians Starting to Push For Truth About Covid Response

Covid CoverUps to be examined
Covid CoverUps to be examined

When will we see national inquiries about the measures from the health care system, the schools systems, and every part of this medical scandal. The only has been blown, the power has increased, and our liberties being erased. Its time to look at all the measures that have been implemented and how some lockdown states have been medical results than states that locked down. And don’t go say its demographics because Florida is where all the grey hairs go. Lets Wake Up the Sheeples.

At this week’s House Select Subcommittee on COVID-19 hearing, Rep. Steve Scalise used his opening remarks to slam Speaker Pelosi and the American Rescue Plan.

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