Russian MIL Accuses US of Staging NUCLEAR False Flag!

Russian MIL Accuses US of Staging NUCLEAR False Flag!
Russian MIL Accuses US of Staging NUCLEAR False Flag!

New update from Russian Chief of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Threats, Lieutenant General, Igor Kirillov! Every time you see the guy above, you know some earth-shattering news just dropped.

Normally, these updates focus on biological activity in Ukraine, but today’s briefing is about a growing NUCLEAR situation at the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, the largest nuclear power plant (NPP) in Europe, located in south-eastern Ukraine, now under control of Russian Armed Forces.


Russian MIL report that Ukrainian forces have been shelling the location since July 18th, in 12 different attacks, with a total of 50 artillery shells dropped on the largest NPP in Europe.

“the Ukrainian side, together with their US handlers, are trying to play the card by causing what they believe to be a minor accident at the nuclear power plant and thus disrupting the normal and safe operation of the plant, blaming it on Russia.”

Ultimately Russian MIL are accusing Ukraine and “their US handlers” of trying to create a Chernobyl-like nuclear event, and blame it on Russia. The Deep State are attempting to initiate a nuclear false flag.

Russia claim the Ukrainian/US side have justified shelling this location by accusing Russia of placing “heavy weaponry” at the plant. In today’s briefing, General Kirillov offers complete transparency with the UN and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), declaring Russian MIL are willing to provide high resolution satellite images to prove Russia do not place weaponry of any kind at the Zaporozhye NPP.

Russia also point out that the US have access to this satellite imagery as well, meaning they know there is no weaponry there, and their silence on the situation is encouraging the Kiev regime to continue shelling the NPP. Russia reported to UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutierrez, that the US know precisely what they are doing.

Russia plead with the UN to address the situation, and question why the media quote Western “experts” and their false conclusion that “a large-scale catastrophe the Zaporozhye NPP seems unlikely to occur.”

Russia refute these claims by Western Agencies, and claim that the US are intentionally downplaying the severity of the situation, with intent to cause a catastrophe.

Russia point to past disasters such as Chernobyl and Fukushima, stating that the Western world seems to have forgotten the cataclysmic aftermath of these events.

Chernobyl contaminated over 20 European countries with radioactive isotopes, 4,000 people died of direct exposure to radiation, tens of thousands of children were born with deformities, forcing over 100,000 people to move and affected 5.5 million people with increased radiation.

Russian MIL claims their experts believe a nuclear event similar to Chernobyl could arise at Zaporozhye, due to the actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Russia highlight the projected area of effect should any number of possible accidents happen as a result of shelling from Ukrainian forces.

“For example, in case of failure of backup diesel generators and mobile pumps, in an emergency situation the core will overheat and consequently destroy the reactor facilities at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, releasing radioactive substances into the atmosphere and spreading them hundreds of kilometres away.”

To make matters worse, UN Secretary-General Gutierrez is touring Ukraine right now, between the dates of August 17th-20th. Reports are that he will visit Odessa. Russia claim that,

“By this date, the Ukrainian Armed Forces plan to hold a staged provocation of a man-made disaster at Zaporozhye NPP, which consists of a radiation leak, destroying the integrity of the nuclear waste storage facility and putting the NPP reactor into an abnormal operating state.”

Yup, you heard that right. Russia are DIRECTLY accusing Deep State US forces and their Ukrainian proxy of planning a man-made nuclear power plant catastrophe, while the leader of the UN is in Ukraine, in order to both cover up the UN investigation of ongoing biological crimes, as well as to blame and smear Russia. See elaboration below.

“Artillery strikes are planned on ZNPP from Nikopol’ city. This “spectacle” will be accompanied by public warnings about rising radiation levels and other “special effects”. The staging is being carried out in order to influence the UN Secretary-General and the international community to cover up decisions favourable to Kiev.

The ultimate goal of the provocation is to create an exclusion zone of up to 30 km, to bring international forces and foreign observers to ZNPP territory, and to accuse the Russian Armed Forces of nuclear terrorism.”

These are some pretty severe allegations. But we have to recognize that Russia are the side being 100% transparent and open with the UN, while the US cower in silence, and let their proxy country get slaughtered in order to cover up their crimes against humanity. Now it appears the Deep State are looking to stage a nuclear event to continue covering up their war-crimes.

Why now? Because Russia’s dossier against Ukraine and the US continues to compound, and Russia are gaining support in the international community. Whether people believe the UN Security Council will do anything or not, there is no denying that the Nations that comprise the UN are slowly but surely siding with Russia.

So much so that the West are now afraid to place sanctions on Russia due to lack of support, and the optics exposing that the world are gradually siding more with Russia as the information comes out of Ukraine. Even the compromised Western media are reporting on it. See below.


In conclusion, Russia are winning the information war, despite the Deep State’s massive propaganda campaign. Now the Deep State are looking to stage a nuclear false flag to regain public support because they have lost the narrative and can no longer continue to cover up their endless web of lies.

They know they face International Military Tribunals should the world side with Russia. Thus why they are looking to pin Russia with nuclear terrorism. The Deep State are running out of options, becoming more desperate, and therefore more dangerous.

What do you think?

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