The Woke America Against The Patriots. Are you Getting Sucked in By The Marxist State Media?

Ron Paul goes over what is being pushed from the Pentagon towards the Us Military.

Ron Paul on The Radical Woke Agenda Inside Washington
Ron Paul on The Radical Woke Agenda Inside Washington

The Pentagon is denying reports in The Intercept from earlier this week that it is contracting with outside firms to monitor the social media postings of US soldiers to weed out “extremism” in the ranks. Is “white nationalism” really a problem in the military, or is this an attempt to purge those not adhering to the emerging cultural Marxism and “woke-ism” that is plaguing the country? Also today: Uniformed US soldiers giving the covid jab at bars? Mayor Lori “Racist” Lightfoot. And Ted Cruz goes “Russiagate” conspiracy theorist..

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