Robby Starbuck’s New Film ‘The War on Children’ Exposes the Sexualization of Children

Robby Starbuck’s New Film ‘The War on Children’ Exposes the Sexualization of Children

A new documentary called “The War on Children” from filmmaker Robby Starbuck, a former Hollywood music video producer and director, premiered earlier this month on X (formerly Twitter). The film—which was co-created by Mr. Starbuck’s wife Landon—works to expose the reality that parents are battling in homes across the country: the sexualization and LGBT indoctrination of their children.

“Every segment of culture is messaging sexuality and sexualization to our kids and indoctrinating them with ideas that try to push us toward a future where they all become fully reliant on the government, or the state replaces the parent in many ways,” Mr. Starbuck shared in a recent interview with Breitbart.

“And so what they’re trying to do is create a generation of compliant and reliable voters who will essentially do whatever the left tells them they must do to continue the support that they’ve grown accustomed to,” he continued.

Mrs. Starbuck, a singer-songwriter formerly known by the stage name Matriarch, also contributed original music to the documentary. She explains at the start of the film that the couple left the entertainment industry after learning “a silent war was being fought for the minds of America’s children.”

Now, she and her husband—who wed in 2008 and share three children—have made it their mission to expose and put a stop to the largely unchecked social engineering attacks being lobbed on the country’s youth.

“The common denominator here is the end of child innocence—an end of childhood and the transfer of power from parents to the state,” Mrs. Starbuck said during a recent interview shared by the Culture War account on X.
The state knows better for you, the educators of the state-run schools know better for your child,” she continued. “They know so much better than you that they can keep secrets and they’ll teach your child to keep a secret just like a groomer teaches a child to keep a secret.”

The End of Child Innocence

The documentary features commentary from a variety of notable figures, including Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines, and Chaya Raichik, the creator of the social media account Libs of TikTok.

It also features riveting interviews with youth focus groups, child sex trafficking survivors, detransitioners (those who once identified as transgender but now identify as their biological sex), and former adult entertainment stars, among others.

With each interview, a pattern becomes more clear: minors are being inundated with sexually explicit and LGBT content as well as other woke ideologies not only on social media but in classrooms, via forms of entertainment, and even by state governments.

“I know it’s a war on children,” Kara Frederick says in the film. Ms. Frederick is the director of the Tech Policy Center at The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank based in Washington, D.C.

“And not just from a malicious foreign adversary, but from adults in this country who are visiting very corrupt values,” she continued.

‘The War on Children’

Mr. Starbuck told The Epoch Times via email that the goal of the film is to “awaken those still sleeping” and remove the blinders to the threats children are facing today. He also hopes it will “inspire all to action in their communities to protect kids.”

“None of us can afford to stand by idly waiting for someone else to save our next generation. It’s on us to do the work,” he declared, adding that his wife has even launched a non-profit, called Freedom Forever, that works to provide parents with the tools they need to help protect children against exploitation and abuse.

So far, the filmmaker said the outpouring of support for the film—which garnered nearly 50 million views since its debut—has already been massive. “We’ve had people write in [from] not just all over the country but all over the world,” he explained.

“What’s incredible to me is how our film doesn’t just stop there with its influence but how everyone leaves it inspired to make others become warriors for the next generation too,” he added.

In addition to being anchored on its website,, X’s owner, billionaire business magnate Elon Musk, also recently shared the entire documentary on the platform, writing that it was “worth watching, especially for parents.”

The director said Mr. Musk’s support in sharing the film “has been incredible.” He said, “We touched audiences from every demographic, every background and found unity in parents saying that they’ve had enough and now that they see this war laid out in such clear terms, they’re ready to take action in their community.”

Mr. Starbuck told The Epoch Times that he is currently developing four other documentaries, which he hopes will “have the same kind of influence on sharing the truth” that “The War on Children” has had.

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