Safeway pharmacist quits citing deaths from vaccine

Pharmacist Nichole Belland Abruptly Resigned

Pharmacist Quits Over Covid Vaccinations
Pharmacist Quits Over Covid Vaccinations

Safeway pharmacist Nichole Belland abruptly resigned as the pharmacy manager after a 12-year career with the company. The reason: the company was forcing her to give COVID vaccinations. Here’s the behind-the-scenes story of this extraordinary resignation that has gone viral.


If masks work, then why don’t they work?

Dr. David Samadi

Fully vaccinated Australians will be able to travel abroad starting on November 1, a year and a half after borders were closed. I assume quite a few of those tickets will be one way.
Neil Ferguson’s Calculator™ 

I’m trying to help my friend, Jacinda settle an argument. She’s looking for any examples of political leaders who have segregated society into 2 tiers and have later ended up on the right side of history. Let me know if you find any. Thanks 

Future generations are going to look back at our time in astonishment at how tyranny could spread so quickly.
Caoimhin O’Fachtna 

I contacted a friend who works in a UK hospital, I asked her about the jab mandate and she said “Yeah, I’m refusing vaccination. If I lose my job then I’m willing to. I’ve seen so many strokes in young people due to clots because of getting the vaccine”#NoVaccineMandates

James Melville

Masks are now mandatory for everyone in parliament – except for MPs and Lords.
Covid: Masks mandatory for everyone in the Commons – except MPs
Parliamentary staff and visitors have been told to cover their faces to combat the spread of Covid.

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