Omar refuses to admit ArriveCan is being scrapped

Despite anonymous Liberal MPs stating the mandatory ArriveCan app will be scrapped by the end of the month, Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra refuses to confirm or deny it.

Omar refuses to admit ArriveCan is being scrapped
Omar refuses to admit ArriveCan is being scrapped

“Look first of all, ArriveCan is a critical tool to process travellers with the requirement of the vaccine mandate. It’s a tool that helps process arrivals as they arrive,” he said.

“There’s no decisions has been made. We’re constantly assessing the situation and making decisions based on the information that we have.”

The Globe broke the news yesterday on account of anonymous Liberal MPs who said the app would become optional by October. The COVID-19 vaccine requirement is also reportedly set to be lifted.

Currently, unvaccinated travellers entering Canada are required to quarantine for 14 days.

However, as Minister Omar Alghabra’s comments suggest, the changes still need to be finalized by Trudeau’s cabinet.

Conservative MP Melissa Lanstman tweeted “The Trudeau government has clung to COVID-19 restrictions longer than any provincial government in the country. Liberal political science of continued measures has damaged our economy and our reputation.”

The controversial app has drawn scorn from foreign politicians. Last month, US Congresswoman Elise Stefanik penned an open letter to the Canadian Ambassador to the US and Canada’s Public Safety Minister, asking Canada to scrap the app.

“I write to you regarding Canada’s burdensome border requirements that continue to negatively impact US and Canadian border communities,” she wrote.

“As you know, the US and Canada’s unique partnership is critical to the success of the communities on both sides of our border…”

“We should be working to further develop our partnership, not inhibit its success with misguided burdens such as the Canadian government’s mandated use of the ArriveCAN app.”

In June, Alghabra said the feds had no intention to drop the app.

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