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No Vaccine Passport

These Vaccines when there is Ivermectin. Crazy Talk. We Are Looking At Slavery To The Corporations

Nation Wide Rally - My Body My Choice
Nation Wide Rally - My Body My Choice
Larri Hansen started this petition to Government of British Columbia

Whether vaccinated or not, medical segregation should cause concern for every individual in British Columbia. It’s a clear violation of human rights and once we lose these rights it will be very difficult to get them back.

An experimental vaccine is offensive to a free and democratic society. Anything mandated for non essential business’s is coercion and is an assault on our freedoms. Medical privacy needs to be advocated for. It isn’t right or legal for anyone to have access to our private medical information and to force you to have a medical procedure to keep enjoying your life in a free and democratic society.

Vaccinated citizens are still giving and getting covid and ending up in the hospital. Iceland and Israel are examples of this, where a third shot is being administered in order to consider yourself vaccinated, with no data to back up whether this will be effective or not. Will you need to keep getting shots to be able to access non essential activities and when will this end?

If a business decides it wants to enforce these measures it should have the right. But to mandate these is wrong.

This started with “two weeks to flatten the curve” and the goal posts have been moved farther and farther each month. When will it stop?

We need to make our voices heard that we are not ok dividing society. Let’s learn from history and not repeat it.

Please share and sign our petition to take our freedoms back from our over reaching, non elected officials.

A woman in Cincinnati, Ohio whose husband has been put into a medically induced coma due to Covid-19 won a lawsuit last week, forcing hospital staff to treat her husband with ivermectin.

51-year-old Jeffrey Smith tested positive for Covid-19 on July 9th and was admitted to the ICU on July 15th.

In the hospital, Smith was treated with the only FDA-approved drug for Covid-19, remdesivir, as well as plasma and steroids.

Jeffrey’s health declined and on August 1st hospital staff sedated him and put him on a ventilator.

According to court documents, Smith was put in a medically induced coma on August 20th and three days later doctors found a secondary infection.

The secondary infection was allegedly caused by hospital staff forgetting to refill Smith’s sedation drug, allowing him to wake up while on a ventilator, “rip the air tube out of his esophagus, disturb and/or break the feeding tube, which caused food particles and toxins to escape into his lungs; this caused him to aspirate.”

Initially, Smith’s doctor Fred Wagshul wrote a prescription for ivermectin to treat his patient, but the hospital refused to comply.

As Gizmodo reports, Dr. Wagshul is a Dayton, Ohio-area pulmonologist who is listed as a founder of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCA).

FLCCA is a group that supports ivermectin as both a preventative and therapeutic for covid-19.

Smith’s wife Judy said doctors gave Jeffrey a less than 30% chance of survival and that he “is on death’s doorstep.”

The same day that Jeffrey’s secondary infection was found, August 23rd, Butler County Common Pleas Court Judge Gregory Howard ruled that the West Chester Hospital in Cincinnati had to treat him with ivermectin.

Dr. Wagshul told Cincinnati newspaper The Enquirer the American government’s coverup of the benefits of ivermectin for Covid patients is equivalent to “genocide.”

“If we were a country looking at another country allowing those (COVID-19) deaths daily … we would have been screaming, ‘Genocide!’” he declared.

A local Cincinnati news report on the Smith story attacked ivermectin as a “livestock de-wormer” that is “likely to do more harm than good.”

Now, compare that propaganda piece with Jon Bowne’s recent report exposing the vilification of ivermectin to learn the truth about the antiviral that is currently going viral.

What do you think?

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