Fauci Development of biological weapons

Taxpayer funded experiments in Chinese labs ‘far more extensive’ than first thought

NIH and Fauci = Biological Warfare research
NIH and Fauci = Biological Warfare research

“Gain of function” is an end around the Geneva Convention’s ban on the development of biological weapons.

White Coat Waste Project founder Anthony Bellotti says the taxpayer funding of dangerous experiments in Wuhan is “far more extensive than anybody realizes”.

As an American, I don’t want to pay taxes anymore. I’m highly irritated, bothered and fed up with the way our government wastes so much money!

Check all Fauci’s publications. You will discover how crook and evil the guy is. He must be put into jail.

“Gain of function research” is a watered down term for “Biological Warfare research”. Let’s call it what it is

Im from the united states , i live in Georgia. To everyone i am truly sorry for all the pain my government has caused. We are taking our country back from grassroots efforts right now. May god bless you and your families. God save America!

What do you think?

Written by Colin

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