Muhammad Ali Vs Fauci. Muhammad Ali On VS Gate Vaccines. The Greatest of all Time

A vaccine made in record time, isn’t worth a dime.

Muhammad Ali takes on Fauci, Gates, UN, WHO, & China. To be at the beasts pushing the vaccine. Covid19 is a hoax and Ali is going to beat them to a pulp. Never take the needle in the arm so you don’t get no harm. This ain’t no thriller in manila, this vaccine is gone kill ya. A vaccine made in record time, isn’t worth a dime. Fauci Gates. UN and WHO, Now Lets throw in China too. There all trying to play the rope a dope. Thats gotta to be the biggest joke Im gonna shuffle, buffle and bop, And give the the Muhammad Ali Chop And Im gonna put this vaccine to a stop. (Muhammed shuffling) Just don’t put that needle in your arm and you won’t get that harm Just give them the old one two and put those animals back in the zoo Lets keep our country good and knock them out like we should.

Written by Colin


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