Left-wing filmmaker Steven Spielberg is actively involved in directing Joe Biden’s reelection campaign… because it’s all THEATER

Opinion: Literally the World Is A Stage. I am putting this under fake News as this is nothing more then fake News for the Selections that are about to take place(if they do?)

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Legendary film director Steven Spielberg is helping President Biden with his reelection campaign, and although he may not be known for his political prowess, he’s actually a pretty good choice for the role because Biden’s whole campaign is really nothing more than theater. 

The director of hits such as Raiders of the Lost Ark and EThas been tasked with providing strategy for Biden at the Democratic National Convention, which will take place from August 19 to 22 in Chicago. It will be attended by more than 5,000 delegates from every state and territory in the U.S. Since he has already been assured he will be re-nominated and his current Vice President, Kamala Harris, will continue in her role, the Democratic party will use the convention as a chance to convince voters the senile president can handle the job for another four years.


The longtime supporter of Biden has been preparing by meeting with the organizers of the event and is expected to give advice on the best way to “convey the president’s successes and his vision for the country” to help people understand his ideas for a potential second term.


“Steven wants to be as helpful as possible to the president,” a source commented. “He believes this is one of the most important elections in the nation’s history.”


Spielberg also helped with the Biden campaign in 2020, which was held virtually during the pandemic. Although the director made a film for the Obama campaign in 2008, he is not expected to do so for Biden this time around.


Spielberg has been a major donor to Democrat candidates for many years, giving millions of dollars overall to both candidates and political action committees. He’s also a big supporter of Israel.


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He was one of several A-listers who took part in a Biden fundraiser hosted by interior designer Michael Smith in L.A. last year that saw Biden raking in another $15 million for this campaign war chest.


Spielberg’s friend and former business partner at DreamWorks, Jeffrey Katzenberg, is serving as a co-chair for the Biden campaign. Katzenberg hosted a fundraiser for Biden in his home last December and is expected to co-host another one in June that may feature former president Barack Obama.


Biden might have more cash, but Trump is leading in the polls

The Biden campaign currently has a significant cash advantage over the Trump campaign as the former president deals with legal problems. The RNC and Trump campaign reported a fundraising total of $65.6 million in March, bringing his available campaign spending to $93.1 million, but the Biden campaign reportedly had $192 million at the same time.


However, Trump is taking the lead in the polls nationally as well as seven big battleground states, which means that he could be in a prime position to regain the presidency regardless of his campaign’s finances.


Many voters have reservations about how Biden has been handling the economy and the border crisis, both of which are expected to be top issues for voters when they go to the polls in November.


A poll that was recently released by CNN revealed that Trump currently enjoys 49% of American voters’ support in a head-to-head matchup against Biden, while the current president has just 43% of support.


The poll also found that 61% of Americans believe that Biden’s presidency has been a failure so far, up from the 57% who considered the first year of his administration to be a failure when polled in January 2022. With such abysmal numbers, Biden will certainly be hoping the support of his Hollywood friends will be enough to overcome his disadvantage.


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