Leaked documents undermine Liberals lies about Bill C-21

Leaked documents undermine Liberals lies about Bill C-21

Bill C-21 was signed by the Governor General and is now law. The NDP and the Green Party joined the Liberals and Bloc in support. Only the Conservatives opposed this oppressive bill.

Leaked documents undermine government claims that Bill C-21 and the 2020 gun ban are intended to improve public safety. Ideology has trumped common sense. These documents expose the Trudeau Liberals war on guns to be driven by their commitment to “post-nationalism” and “de-colonization,” not public safety.

According to Trudeau’s Marxist ideology, Canada is a “settler colonial state,” divided into “victims” and “victimizers.” Traditional Canadians are “privileged settler-colonialists,” and so, by definition, they are “victimizers,” while visible minorities (or “racialized people”) are helpless victims. This simplistic view not only means that traditional Canadians should be disarmed but it also justifies the Liberals war on family values and established religion (well, Judaism and Christianity, anyway). The Marxists do no favours to visible minorities by infantilizing them as perpetual victims.

Leaked documents undermine Liberals lies

The Trudeau Liberals knew all along that gun bans and “soft on criminals” laws wouldn’t reduce violent crime nor protect vulnerable women. One recently leaked document reveals that that the Liberals knew from the start that PAL holders were not a threat to public safety. It was all a farce. Another leaked document shows that the Liberals also knew that confiscating the hundreds of thousands of hunting rifles and shotguns banned in 2020 would cost vastly more than they claimed.

The Liberals are not stupid, they’re evil. They deliberately coddle violent criminals in order to justify disarming law-abiding gun owners. The Liberals know that playing “catch and release” with violent criminals will not improve public safety. “Hug-a-thug” policy doesn’t work. Violent crime plays into their hands. They Liberals are counting on the fear created by violent crime to increase public support for more restrictive gun laws.

The Liberals know that the Liberal bail policy allows violent criminals to prey upon innocent victims. Victims are often from the same vulnerable minority as the violent thugs. Violent crime in Canada has climbed nearly 24% since the Liberals took over in 2015 and began loosening bail and parole laws. Gang crime has more than doubled (120%) since 2016. Gang related murders have increased by 55%. The Liberals new bail bill is no fix either.

Leaked documents undermine Liberals lies about PAL holders 

The Liberals knew early on that exceptionally few PAL holders were involved in spousal homicides, or other homicides, according to a newly uncovered access-to-information (ATI) request. The leaked ATI shows that just 2 of the 68 spousal homicides in 2020 involved a PAL holder, and just 18 PAL holders were accused in that year’s 743 homicides. Obviously, PAL holders are not the problem. I still haven’t been able to discover who ordered this ATI nor why it was leaked, but it’s apparently authentic. In any case, the ATI report is corroborated by Statistics Canada’s report to SECU in 2022. [See Table 4] and earlier research.

Leaked documents undermine Liberals lies about costs of “buyback” 

The Liberals have long known that confiscation would be prohibitively expensive. The second set of recently leaked internal government documents from 2019 put the cost of a government mandatory gun buyback at nearly $2 billion, despite assurances during the last federal election that expropriating so-called “assault rifles” from licensed Canadian firearms owners would only cost between $400 million and $600 million.

These cost estimates are in an internal presentation prepared in December 2019 by the Department of Justice, according to documents published as part of an access-to-information request, which puts the cost of confiscating the so-called “military-style assault rifles,” including compensation for owners, at more than double the figure touted by then public safety minister Bill Blair. Or even what Minister Blair claimed later in 2021.

Civilian disarmament

Progressives and Marxists know what they are doing. They are not stupid. Their goal is to destroy traditional Canadian culture. The war on responsible gun owners is part of the Trudeau Liberals’ war against “privileged settler-colonialists.”  Tudeau’s  “de-colonization” efforts mean disarming Canadian civilians.

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