Child Jab Injuries – Stop The Covid Cult Madness

Why Even Think About Covid Jabs for Children. It’s Making them blind and deaf as well as death.

Children are Going Blind & Deaf & Dead. SHTF
Children are Going Blind & Deaf & Dead. SHTF

First Numbers Reported, Serious DANGER! – Dr Jane Ruby


Source “Stew Peters Show” —> ⁣….d-jab-injuries-first

The 3rd Times a Charm … I had to mess with this video and finally after the 3 upload it appears to play correctly on BNT. Must be a 911 Gremlin on the loose tonight!

⁣Vaccine for Kids Under Age 12? ‘Not a Good Idea,’ Say Pediatricians —> ⁣https://childrenshealthdefense…

⁣Dr. Jane Ruby joined the Stew Peters Show to report on the first look we are getting at numbers of children experiencing adverse events as a result of the dangerous inoculation being called a “COVID Vaccine”.

⁣They’ve divided us to conquer us. Until the MSM is taken down, half the population will not believe. Until the medical profession is taken down, half the public will not see the lie! These heavily programmed people are too caught up in a political side, worship their news anchors and would die before believing their Dr would break their Oath of Do No Harm!

⁣⁣Did Vaccines Really Eliminate Polio? COVID-19 Shots Linked to Guillain-Barré Syndrome – Common Side Effect of Vaccines that Resembles Polio —> ⁣…./09/10/did-vaccines-

⁣Association of Myocarditis With BNT162b2 Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccine in a Case Series of Children —> ⁣….ls/jamacardiology/fu

Graphs and Charts showing the Damage of the JAB —> ⁣https://ammtwitter.wordpress.c….om/graphs-tables-and

⁣⁣Teenage boys more at risk from vaccines than Covid —> ⁣https://www.knightstemplarorde…

⁣FACT CHECK – 70% of Covid-19 deaths are among the VACCINATED population; not the unvaccinated population as claimed by Boris Johnson, the BBC & Sky News —> ⁣….9/fact-check-boris-b

⁣Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Natural Immunity? —> ⁣….d-19/why-isnt-anyone

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