Vaccine “Emergency Use Authorization” & Ivermectin – The Podcast Everyone should listen too.

DarkHorse Podcast on Ivermectin and the Criminal Aspects Of Hiding Ivermectin

This is a Must Watch and Share. We are in the most dangerous times in humanity.
This is a Must Watch and Share. We are in the most dangerous times in humanity.

Vaccine “Emergency Use Authorization” & ivermectin. Clip with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying. 00:00 Disclaimer 01:21 Clip Start References: FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization Guidelines: Bannister, A. 2021. Don’t mention Ivermectin; it’ll upset the vaccine rollout. BizNews, May 12, 2021:… Merck Statement on Ivermectin use During the COVID-19 Pandemic, February 4, 2021:… No evidence ivermectin is a miracle drug against COVID-19 – fact-checking by the AP on December 11, 2020:… Dr. Pierre Kory testifies before the Senate, December 15, 2020:… Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #80 (originally streamed live on May 15, 2021): Q&A:


Ivermectin Kills Covid and the cover up is criminal. It is time to sue the government, big tech, and big Pharma, might as well throw in the MSM too. This is Crimes Against Humanity, we must stand for our rights and freedoms as well as our health and body autonomy.

Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment PDF e-Booklet
Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment PDF e-Booklet

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